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For the second consecutive year, Enroll America Texas is excited to offer the Get Covered Academy training program to help partners develop evidence-based, strategic plans for organizational development, and consumer outreach and enrollment for the fourth open enrollment period and beyond. The deadline to apply is June 24!

We are also excited to offer training in local communities with two tracks – a Fundamentals Track for foundational work in strategic planning, data, and evidenced based techniques, and a Leadership Track for academy graduates who want to build more on what they learned the first year, as well as build their own leadership, training, and mentoring skills.

The Program

These trainings are designed to help your organization meet your goals. Building on the experience and expertise Enroll America and its partners have gained over the course of three open enrollment periods, we will create a customized support structure to help you embed best practices and the most effective tools and tactics into your outreach and enrollment work.

The Academy has supporter partners in doing great things. Examples include:

  • A Federally Qualified Health Center held their first outreach events this enrollment period and collected basic information that allowed them to follow-up with each consumer. Health center staff have said that the quality of their interactions with consumers who come in as a result of their outreach has greatly improved over previous methods as a result.
  • Local LGBT organizations developed digital strategies for identifying and following up with uninsured members in their communities.
  • Local navigator incorporated the use of the Get Covered Connector and a call-back program to streamline enrollment appointments.

For the 2016 Academy cohort, we are excited to offer two program tracks: a fundamentals track for partners building out new outreach programs, and a leadership track for partners who would benefit from more advanced training to further their existing outreach work. The deadline to apply is June 24!

The Fundamentals track will provide training to folks who haven’t yet created an outreach strategy with Enroll America. This track is designed to help organizations create a comprehensive outreach strategy that incorporates Enroll America tools and outreach and enrollment best practices. Apply to participate in the Fundamentals track here.

The Leadership track will provide training to organizations who have successfully worked with Enroll America to create and implement an outreach strategy in the past whether through the 2015 Academy program or in some other context. This program is designed to help organizations bring their program development goals to the next level and build on their role as leaders within the Texas enrollment community. Apply to participate in the Leadership track here.

What to Expect

The program will kicks off at our Texas State of Enrollment Conference on July 14th in San Antonio, TX and followed by local customized in-person training, focused on the science of enrollment, data analysis, tool integration, and effective messaging and follow-up. In addition, the suite of Academy services includes regular one-on-one coaching and consulting throughout the open enrollment period, as well as the opportunity for monthly communication with other participating partners from around the state and country, and access to the full suite of Enroll America tools.

Note: These trainings and corresponding coaching are designed for organizations to participate, not for individual professionals. If your organization is accepted into the program, we will ask that a small number of your staff represent your organization at the in-person training.

About the 2015 TX Academy Cohort

In 2015 we were very pleased to host an initial cohort of 14 organization across 9 Texas cities

Amarillo: Panhandle Community Services

Austin: Primero Health

Bryan, College Station, TX: Brazos Valley Council of Governments, Enroll Brazos Valley, Health Point

Dallas: Mission East Dallas, Trans Pride Initiative

El Paso: Project Amistad

Houston: Legacy Community Health, LHI – Houston

Lubbock: Project CHAMPS

San Angelo: Methodist Healthcare Ministries

San Antonio: CentroMed, East Point


Thanks to the generous support of Texas funders, we are able to make this training available to accepted organizations at an extremely reduced cost of $500 per non-profit organization. Providing this level of training support to a single organization would cost $25,000. We are grateful to the state philanthropic community for making this program more available to our partners.


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