State of Enrollment: Getting America Covered 2016

More than 700 health coverage leaders came together for the State of Enrollment: Getting America Covered conference in May 2016 to share best practices and plan for the future of outreach and enrollment under the Affordable Care Act.

We took a critical look at what worked, what barriers consumers continue to face, and how we could all work together to sustain and build momentum for the ongoing effort to get America covered. Take a look below to see slides from the workshop presentations. Interested in working together to harness these lessons — and many more? Sign up to learn more about the Get Covered Academy!

Note: More slides will be posted here as they become available, so check back on this page!

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Thursday, May 12

101 Tactics to Use While Preparing for an Effective and Efficient OE4

Habits of Highly Effective Assisters: Post-Enrollment Strategies

Enrolling Indian Country: Building Capacity to Reach Tribal Communities

From the ER to Primary Care: Effective Strategies for Connecting Enrollees to Care

Taking Control: Using Metrics to Evaluate and Advocate for Your Program

Engaging Youth Populations: Strategies for Engaging Schools, Former Foster Youth and Youth Immigration Groups

Increasing Latino Outreach & Engagement Through Statewide Mini-Grants

Lights, Camera, Action: Giving Effective Press Interviews

Getting At-Risk Communities in the Door: Putting the 'Connect' in the Connector (Part 1)

Beyond Hashtags: Upping Your Social Media Game for Enrollment

From Moments to Movements: Creating Coalitions That Last Beyond OE4

Mobilizing and Streamlining Enrollment with Technology on a Budget

Latino State of Enrollment: Persistent Health Disparities, Barriers and Gains Under the ACA

Effective Strategies for Educating Public Officials & Advancing Public Policy

Outreach, Enrollment, Retention and Utilization

Engaging Government: Securing Earned Media, Finding the Uninsured and More

Marketplace Plans: What to Expect in 2017 and Beyond

Engaging the Invincible: Activities to Connect Millennials to Coverage

What Does it Take to Make Enrollment Efforts Permanent?

4 Million People Still in the Medicaid Gap - Developing a Network of Care Beyond Free/Low-Cost Clinics

Hospitals: Tactics for Getting Uninsured Patients Covered in the Marketplace

The Role of Social-Determinants in a Community's Access to Quality Health Coverage

Beyong Awareness: Using Audience Insights to Better Plan for and Facilitate Behavior Change Among Late Adopters

Times of Change: The Latest Dynamics in LGBT Outreach, Enrollment and Coverage

Friday, May 13

Let's Go Shopping: Helping Consumers Navigate Plan Selection

Engaging Employers as Partners to Enroll Uninsured Employees and Their Families

Think Like a Journalist: Advanced Techniques for Working with the Press

Working Productively with the Marketplace Call Center

Get Connected - Get Answers: How to Leverage 2-1-1 in Creating an Effective Enrollment Strategy

Enrolling Our Nation's Farmworkers: Strategies to Educate and Enroll Hard-to-Reach Populations

Historically Black Colleges & Universities: Engaging and Mobilizing Young African Americans

Pick it Up! How the Phone Can Easily Increase Your Enrollment Success

Expanding Beyond Urban Centers: Putting the 'Connect' in the Connector (Part 2)

Data-Driven Enrollment: Getting to Know Your Consumers

Your Turn: Sharing Tools and Resources for Effective Enrollment Outreach

Leveraging City Resources to Support and Sustain Outreach and Enrollment Efforts

Streamlining Benefits Enrollment: PA 'Fast Track' to Medicaid

Engaging Small Town Communities - What's Worked and Challenges that Remain

Conference Kick Off Workshops

Interactive Roundtable Discussion - OE3 Lessons Learned

Interactive Training Session - Running a Low-Resource Data-Driven Program

Interactive Planning Session - Working with the Criminal Justice Community

Interactive Planning Session - Working with Municipalities and Schools

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