December 16, 2014 – December 22, 2014

Updated Deadlines for Health Coverage to Start on January 1 in State-Based Marketplaces (SBMs)Five SBMs  have enrollment deadlines on December 23 or later for health coverage effective January 1. All consumers, in SBMs and the federally facilitated marketplace (FFM), can still get covered or change plans through February 15, the last day of open enrollment.

9.7 Million More Americans Covered by Medicaid and CHIP: On December 18, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released the Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) enrollment report for October. Enrollment grew by 9.7 million Americans — nearly a 17 percent increase — since the first open enrollment period (OE1) began in October 2013. Enrollment increased by 24 percent in states that expanded Medicaid; non-expansion states saw an increase of nearly 7 percent. In addition, Medicaid enrollment has surpassed expectations in Michigan and New Hampshire, two states that recently expanded their programs.

New Tips from HHS on Re-Enrollment in the FFM: HHS released a new fact sheet and Frequently Asked Questions on the re-enrollment process for consumers with coverage through the FFM. Consumers who were automatically re-enrolled can still take action at any time during the open enrollment period to update their information, consider their plan options, and see how much financial help they could qualify for in 2015. If they change plans by January 15, their new plan can take effect on February 1.

CMS Releases Draft Letter to Issuers in the FFM: The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) posted its draft 2016 letter to issuers in the FFM, covering the requirements for participation in the FFM in 2016. Comments on the draft letter are due January 12.

SBM Updates:

  • District of Columbia: Some consumers on DC Health Link experienced technical issues when enrolling before the December 15 deadline for coverage starting January 1. The marketplace is contacting affected consumers by phone and email with information on how they can complete their applications and still start their coverage on January 1.
  • Washington StateAfter a presentation at their December 18 meeting, the board of directors for the Washington Healthplanfinder board voted to have enrollees pay issuers directly instead of through the marketplace, starting fall 2015.

Enrollment Updates:

  • FFM1,082,879 Americans selected plans through between December 6 and December 12, 47 percent of whom were new consumers and 53 percent were renewing their coverage. This brings the total number of plan selections through the FFM this open enrollment period to nearly 2.5 million (through December 12).
  • California114,178 marketplace plan selections and 216,423 Medicaid/CHIP enrollments total in OE2 as of December 17.
  • Colorado108,007 marketplace plan selections and 28,238 Medicaid/CHIP enrollments total in OE2 as of December 17.
  • Connecticut19,402 new marketplace plan selections and 46,071 Medicaid/CHIP enrollments total in OE2 as of December 17.
  • Idaho74,689 marketplace plan selections in OE2 as of December 14.
  • Kentucky9,215 new marketplace plan selections and 16,139 Medicaid/CHIP enrollments total in OE2 as of December 16.
  • Maryland79,987 marketplace plan selections and 56,698 Medicaid/CHIP enrollments total in OE2 as of December 19.
  • Massachusetts60,015 marketplace plan selections and 110,240 Medicaid/CHIP enrollments total in OE2 as of December 21.
  • Minnesota24,893 marketplace plan selections and 28,005 Medicaid/CHIP enrollments total in OE2 as of December 18.
  • Rhode Island12,347 marketplace plan selections total in OE2 as of December 13.
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