Engaging Ethnic Media to Help Spread Your Message, March 2014

More than half of the uninsured are people of color, which makes working with ethnic media outlets a key strategy for reaching newly eligible consumers. This fact sheet walks you through how to create constructive partnerships with ethnic media outlets.

Connecting with Consumers through Phone-a-Thons, March 2014

Inviting consumers to pick up the phone and dial in can be an effective way to turn outreach on its head and bring consumers to you. This fact sheet is designed to help you understand how to plan a phone-a-thon to help connect consumers to health insurance.

Guía Para Utilizar Tu Seguro Médico, February 2014

A Spanish-language version of our Get Covered Guide, which breaks down all the health insurance terms that consumers need to know.

Application Assistance 101, December 2013

You may be a navigator, a certified application counselor (CAC), an in-person assister (IPA), or a staff member at a community health center (CHC). But regardless of your title or where you work, if you help consumers apply for health insurance (including Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program—CHIP) through the marketplace, this fact sheet includes questions to consider and best practices you may want to implement.

How to Create an Outreach Work Plan, December 2013

It’s a good idea to establish an outreach work plan to help you structure and evaluate your outreach efforts. Feel free to use this detailed guide to get started. We’ve also provided two sample work plans to use as templates.

Outreach Planning 2.0, December 2013

This guide has three sections to assist you in the process of starting, adapting, and improving your efforts:

  1. Setting Up Your Infrastructure and Processes
  2. Preparing to Direct Consumers to the Right “Door”
  3. Measuring Your Success

Get Covered Guide, November 2013

Working to help walk consumers through their new health insurance options? This resource breaks down all the health insurance terms that consumers need to know in clear, easy-to-understand language.

Outreach Planning 101, July 2013

This outreach guide provides ideas for how to get started on an outreach plan, tips to keep in mind as you plot out your strategies and materials, ways to inform people about the new health coverage options, and an outreach worksheet to track your success.

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