#Asegúrate Social Media Avatars

We created this special #Asegúrate icon for Facebook and Twitter to get the word out that millions of Americans have new, affordable health insurance options. Use this image as your Facebook profile picture and Twitter avatar to send the message to your networks, or choose a different colorful style!


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To save the icon of your choice, click the image to open the full-size version in a new tab, right-click the image and choose “save image as” from the menu (on a Mac, press “control” + click). Then upload that saved image file as your Facebook profile picture and Twitter avatar.

Sammy_ESP_540_EA Sammy_ESP_540_Rainbow Sammy_ESP_540_VotoLatino Sammy_ESP_540_NationalPartnership Sammy_ESP_540_PlannedParenthood Sammy_ESP_540_Aetna Sammy_ESP_540_SEIU Sammy_ESP_540_YoungInvincibles Sammy_ESP_540_OurTime Sammy_ESP_540_GenerationProgress Sammy_ESP_540_NAACP Sammy_ESP_540_BreastCancerAwareness

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