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With technology at the fingertips of many young Americans, using multiple social
media channels and blogs is key to promoting the messages about the new
health coverage options under the Affordable Care Act. Consider creating a
social media strategy that offers relevant messaging and access to helpful

General Best Practices When Using Social Media

    • Use all Channels
      • There are multiple ways to connect with people on social media: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, Flickr, Pinterest, and more. Use the channels available to promote your message that make sense to your organization.
    • Stay on message
      • Social media broadcasts far and wide to the general public. Context matters. So make sure the conversation stays focused on the intended subject matter and can’t be taken the wrong way.
    • Use the right handle
      • When you want to engage someone in the conversation around a subject, be sure to include the handle they chose to be associated with. For Get Covered America it’s this:
        • @GetCoveredUS – This is the campaign focused on getting the word out to consumers. People-focused.
        • @EnrollAmerica – Should be reserved for messages and information to, for and with our partners.
    • Use the right hashtags
      • Using the correct hashtag will give your messages context and relevance. Both Twitter and Facebook use.
        • Branded: #GetCovered. Help make this a trending topic!
        • General: #healthinsurance, #healthcarereform, #HIX, #ACA, #Obamacare (if that’s what your org uses)
    • Localize your tweet
      • Sometimes, geography matters, e.g., for an event. Inserting a specific state or town will help categorize your tweet. #yourstate’s2lettercode + #yourcity – This is especially important for events. #Miami #FL
    • Have a target audience
      • Many communities include specific hashtags to continue an ongoing conversation. It’s always better to utilize an existing than start your own. Keep in mind that certain constituencies have their own hashtag, so check on those: #latism #LGBT #AA #AAPI
    • Be Brief. Be Brief. Be Brief. 120 is the new 140.
      • You have limited characters allotted per message so be sure to make them count. Also, the shorter the message the easier it is to RT and engage. Abbreviate liberally. Be informal with punctuation.
        • When tweeting events, use day/date/time to create a sense of time-sensitivity or sense of urgency.
        • Sample tweet: TODAY! 8/29, 12-2PM EST! Join @GetCoveredUS canvassing #GetCovered
    • @ Mention partners
      • When co-sponsoring events, try to @ the people/org’s you’re working with, especially @GetCoveredUS. It’s like an extra shout-out, especially on #FF (Follow Fridays), so that your message reaches other networks too. You can do this on Facebook now too, by adding the @ in front of the organization’s name.
    • Show your Support.

Best Practices for Blogger Outreach

        • Make sure the blog is relevant
          • There are thousands of bloggers out there, so find the right blog that will be interested in this topic.
        • Make your pitch personal
          • Know and understand who the blogger is. Dig a little deeper, showing them you’ve done your homework. You can post comments on previous post to show you share the same interests.
        • Make sure it’s news
          • Bloggers want to respect their readers and will not cover stories that are not interesting or informative.
          • Provide relevant information to the blogger, but do not send a canned press release.

General Reminder:
Get Covered America is an issue-based campaign, focused on educating the public about the new health coverage options under the Affordable Care Act. By definition of our 501(c)3 status, we cannot promote advocacy or take a political side. We will always support our partners, but if your organization promotes advocacy, legislative or electoral issues, please
know that Enroll/Get Covered cannot actively participate in those discussions on social media or otherwise.

Our Netiquette Guide:

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