How to Organize Events With a Navigator

We know that many uninsured Americans, including young people, find the idea of applying for health insurance intimidating. Putting them in direct contact with navigators who can assist them with their application ensures they have the right tools to apply for coverage.

Before Open Enrollment

Even before the start of open enrollment, you can hold events with a Navigator.

Reach out to Navigators to determine if they would be willing to attend events that you or your organization would arrange.

  • Tell them that you would like to help them connect with young consumers by finding places for the Navigator to “set up shop.”
  • Once you have confirmed their participation, be clear about what you are willing/able to do and what the Navigator would need to do/bring.

Identify venues where you think it would make sense to host an event with a Navigator, and get permission to use their space.

  • Think of places where young people are already likely to be such as community colleges, libraries, malls, community centers, beauty salons, and barbershops.
  • Focus on locations that have a place where a navigator could set up a computer station that has Internet access and some privacy or, even better, places that already have computers set up.

Identify and reach out to the right person who can grant you permission to use the venue.

  • Explain to the manager/decision-maker what a Navigator is and why they are so important to the application process.
  • Explain what they would need to do/provide:
    • How much space would you need?
    • Could you use their computers and/or Wi-Fi?
  • Explain what you can do/provide:
    • Will you promote the event?
    • Will you provide laptops?

Once you get permission to host the event, ask the venue’s decision-maker if they would also be willing to help collect commit cards leading up to and during the open enrollment period.

  • If people fill out commit cards there, it will make it easier to build for future Navigator events.

During Open Enrollment

Pick a time.

  • Ideally, you will hold the event at a time when young people are likely to already be at your chosen venue.


  • Place fliers anywhere that young people are likely to be, and particularly around the area where the event will be taking place.
  • Call people who have filled out commit cards, especially if they filled one out at the place where you are having the event, and invite them.
  • Table and hand out fliers about the event.
  • If you are hosting the event on a community college campus, ask the administration to help by sending out an email, posting on their bulletin board, social media pages, and website.
  • Use earned media: Ask radio stations to make announcements about the event. Many radio stations are eager to partner because this is a service for the community.

Prepare for the event.

  • Make sure you have enough computers and a good internet connection.
  • Make sure you have enough Navigators for the number of people you expect.
  • Print out a sign-in sheet.
  • Recruit volunteers to help get everyone signed in and keep the event organized.

Make sure everyone signs in or fills out a response card. It will be important to have contact information for an adequate follow-up if needed.

After the Event

The goal of the event is to have the Navigator present to actually enroll consumers. If a consumer does not complete the enrollment process, the information collected at the event will allow for a timely and adequate follow-up with attendees. The best way to do this is to keep track of the information you collect at the event.

All sign-in sheets and follow-up cards need to be recorded.

  • Return all sheets and cards to an Enroll America staff as soon as possible.
  • If you are not partnering with Enroll America, be sure to have a reliable system to record the information.
    • Note: consider being a partner with Enroll America. This is a great way to ensure people will be connected to the proper information.

Develop a follow-up plan for all attendees.

  • Call attendees a week after the event to determine if they have completed their next step.


  • What went well?
  • What could be improved for next time?
  • Could you answer all of the questions?
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