How to Organize an Information Session for Young Americans

Before the Session

Pick a time and location.

  • Try to find a location most young Americans will know, like a school, library, or community/student center.
  • Choose a time that will work for young Americans; make sure you’re not scheduling an information session when most young Americans will be at work. Consider offering morning and evening sessions to accommodate different schedules.


  • Place fliers anywhere where young Americans are likely to gather — outside of classrooms on college campuses, in the library, community health clinics, restaurants, coffee shops, etc.
  • Table in high-traffic areas and hand out Enroll America commit cards.
  • Ask the local businesses, organizations, and DJs to help promote the information session by sending out an email, text, or posting on their bulletin boards and their social media pages and/or website.
  • If you are on a campus: Ask for permission to post the details about the information session on chalkboards/white erase boards in large classrooms. Ask professors to make announcements in their classrooms (or to let someone else do it).

Prepare Materials:

→ Make sure you have enough commit cards and literature to distribute to everyone.
→ Print out a sign-in sheet.
→ Bring pens.
→ Write a detailed agenda for all presenters.
→ Do a dry-run of the presentation.
→ Make sure everyone is clear on the overall goals for the presentation.

During the Session

  • Make sure everyone signs in either on a sign-in sheet or on a follow-up card.
  • Give the presentation on health coverage options.
  • Leave time for questions.
  • Provide attendees with a clear next step.

After the Session

  • Record the Data.
    • The goal after the information session is to be able to provide timely and adequate follow-up with attendees. The best way to do this is to keep track of the information you collect at the event. All sign-in sheets and commit cards need to be recorded.
    • Return all sheets and cards to an Enroll America staffer as soon as possible.
    • If you are not partnering with Enroll America, be sure to have a reliable system to record the information.
      • Note: Partnering with Enroll America is a great way to ensure people are receiving the information they need and request.
  • Develop a follow-up plan.
    • Call attendees a week after the event to determine if they have completed their next step or if the attendee has questions.
  • Debrief.
    • What went well?
    • What could be better for next time?
    • Could you answer all the questions?
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