How to Table for Outreach to Young Adults

Before the Event

  • Get permission first!
  • Pick the best times and locations to reach young adults.
    • For example: in between classes at community colleges
  • Recruit and train volunteers.
    • Make sure all volunteers know how to use commit cards and how to talk about the new health insurance options in a just-the-facts way.

What to Bring:

– Information sheets, resources, and literature for consumers who want more information about their options
– Follow-up forms/commit cards
– Sign-in sheet for volunteers
– Pens
– Clipboards
– Banner or sign to identify your organization
– Table
– Buttons/candy

During the Event

  • Make sure you and everyone else staffing the table are on message.
    • Remain non-partisan and consumer-focused.
    • Refer to the “How to Message to Young Americans” document.
    • Stick to the facts. Don’t answer questions if you don’t know the answer!
  • Get out and talk!
    • Remember to get everyone to fill out a commit card for follow-up.

After the Event

  • Record the data.
    • Record all sign-in sheets and follow-up cards and return to an Enroll America staffer as soon as possible, or ensure they are followed up with more information.
    • If you are not partnering with Enroll America, be sure to have a reliable system to record the information.
      • Note: Partnering with Enroll America is a great way to ensure people are receiving the information they need and request.
  • Develop a follow-up plan.
    • Call attendees a week after the event to determine if they have completed their next step or if the attendee has questions.
  • Debrief.
    • Was it a good time and place?
    • What could be better for next time?

Pro Tips:

– Stand in FRONT of the table.
– Have a “floater” who walks around the event and directs people to the table.
– Have a good greeting.
– Be aware of your body language.
– Make eye contact.
– Smile and have FUN!
– Try to switch up your locations and times to reach new people.

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