Effective Outreach Strategies at Community Colleges

Students at community colleges are more likely to be uninsured than students at traditional four-year colleges because these institutions do not require their students to have health insurance.

Enroll America has partnered with over 40 community colleges and helped facilitate over 70 enrollment events at community colleges in 25 states, directly contacting over 500,000 students.

Case Study: Miami Dade College, Florida.

By partnering with Enroll America, Miami Dade helps their students learn about new health coverage options by holding workshops, information sessions, and enrollment events.

Enrollment events:

  • Hosted in school computer labs so interested students can immediately begin enrolling.
  • The school promotes enrollment events on social media pages and through school-wide emails to staff and students with RSVP links.
  • Confirmation calls were made to all students who signed up to attend.

Best Practices to Replicate

  • Set up enrollment events in spaces with audio/visual capabilities and designate a separate area with computers so interested attendees can immediately begin the enrollment process.
  • Encourage schools to use existing communication channels such as campus wide emails, school radio programs, newspapers, and social media pages to educate students about their options and promote events.
  • Ask students to RSVP for specific time slots to make sure there are enough enrollment assisters present.
  • Make confirmation calls or emails to increase attendance and ensure that students bring the correct paperwork (names, birthdays, Social Security numbers for each person in the household, and most recent W-2 or paystubs that show income).
  • Set up separate areas for students who want to immediately start the enrollment process and for students who want to learn more information about their options first.
  • Make sure students sign in and out, and include a question about whether or not they completed the enrollment process and/or picked a plan.
  • When an attendee noted that they did not complete the enrollment process, Enroll America staff made sure to follow up with the student with a phone call or email.
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