Statement from Enroll America on Medicaid Proposal in Kentucky

WASHINGTON, DC – The public comment period for the Kentucky HEALTH waiver proposal ends this weekend, and today, Jennifer Sullivan, Director of the Best Practices Institute at Enroll America, issued the following statement about the official comments Enroll America has filed regarding the waiver proposal:

“Over the last three years, Enroll America’s partnership with Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange and kynectors across the state has given us a front-row seat for the remarkable success of the enrollment effort in Kentucky. Since Medicaid expansion launched, enrollment in the Commonwealth has doubled, and thanks to a well-coordinated partnership between Medicaid and kynect, the state’s marketplace, the uninsured rate has dropped by nearly half. These enrollment gains mean that families across Kentucky are healthier and more secure.

“Kentucky’s unprecedented success in supporting access to and enrollment in quality health coverage for its citizens is an example for all states. We are deeply concerned that many provisions included in the Kentucky HEALTH proposal threaten to disrupt this system, and if approved, could result in upwards of 400,000 Kentuckians losing coverage. Changes like adding work requirements and increasing premiums will add complexity and cost, undermining the mission of a program that is meant to provide the most vulnerable with access to quality care. That’s why we are urging the state to reconsider its proposal so that any changes build on – rather than undermine – the historic success Kentucky has seen so far.”

The full text of Enroll America’s comments on the Kentucky HEALTH waiver proposal can be found HERE.


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