Enroll America Statement on King v. Burwell Decision

Thursday, June 25, 2015

WASHINGTON – Today, Anne Filipic, President of Enroll America, issued the following statement regarding the Supreme Court decision on King v. Burwell:

“Although we’ve always felt confident about the outcome of this case, it’s a relief to finally be able to move past these divisive arguments so we can focus on getting more Americans covered in the next enrollment period, and supporting the newly insured as they use and renew their coverage. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, more than 10 million Americans have coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace, and 85% of them receive financial help to pay for their plan. Today’s decision by the Supreme Court assures those consumers that the promise of affordable health coverage will still be there for them. Right now, our priority is to make sure consumers know what this ruling means: that nothing has changed about their financial help. And this is a critical opportunity to inform those who have not yet enrolled that financial help is available, and here to stay. Opponents have repeatedly attempted to derail this law, but in spite of that opposition, it is working and millions of Americans are benefiting. Today I’m gratified and relieved that those Americans can continue to get the financial help that the law provides.”


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