Get Covered America’s #GotCovered Series: Loved Ones and Families are Benefiting from the Flexibility of New Coverage Options

The Health Insurance Marketplace Providing Families with Better Choices, More Savings

Friday, February 21, 2014
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Washington, DC – Health insurance coverage is truly a family affair. From finding a plan that fits your family’s medical needs to making room in your monthly budget, choosing between insurance policies is an important and personal decision. That’s why Get Covered America believes families and loved ones are the most effective resource for the underinsured and uninsured to turn to when they check out their new health insurance options under the Affordable Care Act. This week, we have focused on the important role they play in getting enrolled. Our previous #GotCovered stories are available here.

Daryn DeZengotita, Dallas, TX

Daryn works as a freelancer, and had to shop costly health insurance options on the private market before October 1, 2013. Like many self-employed Americans, she was anxious to see the Health Insurance Marketplace open and find out what was available for her and her family. Previously, Daryn had gone uninsured until she met her partner, Celia. Together the couple shared a policy that covered them and their two children, until a change of employer for Celia meant their new family policy would be far too expensive for the rest of the family.

That’s when Daryn and the kids went on their own to purchase a policy with a pricey $656 a month premium. Unfortunately, she felt the plan didn’t provide her many affordable benefits besides routine checkups. When she was able to finally navigate glitch-free, Daryn was ready to drop her old policy for improved coverage. Since their partnership means the kids are claimed only on Celia’s taxes, only Daryn qualified for a subsidy of $63 a month toward her premium. Still, Daryn is ecstatic with the savings of over $200 a month. Moreover, her kids now have the option to move between their policies and remain under either of their parents’ plans until they turn 26 if needed. Now, Daryn and Celia can relax knowing their partnership is stronger with comparable coverage for the both of them. If one gets sick, no worries about how they will foot the bill or taking on the burden of joining a pricey employer policy. Daryn has security and flexibility as a mom and she’s thrilled her coverage will be there for her as their family moves forward.

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