Get Covered America’s #GotCovered Series: In-Person Assistance and Financial Savings Are Helping Encourage Latino Enrollment

Marketplace Coverage Provides Opportunity and Security For the Latino Community

Friday, February 28, 2014
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Washington, DC – Latinos have the highest uninsured rate of any ethnic group in the United States. This disparity means that 31 percent of Latinos in the U.S. go without insurance compared to 13 percent of non-Hispanic white Americans. That’s why Get Covered America has teamed up with national and community partners to host a series of enrollment events that provide in-person assistance in over a dozen cities with large Latino populations including events being held tomorrow in Atlanta, GA; Dallas, TX; Chicago, IL; and Philadelphia, PA.

Providing resources for enrollment is the first step in addressing larger health care concerns for the Latino community. Lack of insurance means less preventive care for chronic disease and pre-existing conditions that helps keep families healthy. This week’s #GotCovered profiles focus on the importance of access to this opportunity. Our previous #GotCovered stories are available here. 

Ana Cruz – Easton, PA

Ana has gone without insurance for over a decade. Too often she had to choose between addressing medical concerns and avoiding costly care. She says the fear that another hospital visit would put her in debt removed any sense of security she had worked hard to achieve. After shopping costly private insurance plans before October 1, she finally found relief when the new Marketplace opened. Her tax subsidy made the silver tier option she wanted affordable with a $47 monthly premium.

“I was raised never to rely on something I couldn’t earn and pay for myself. The Marketplace finally makes this possible and I’m so relieved.”

Maria Hernandez – Dallas, TX

As a mother of four, Maria treats her health as a responsibility since it’s difficult to prepare for unexpected expenses. Knowing exactly what plan would be good for her was important so she made an appointment with a navigator who walked her carefully through the process. After going through the options in detail, Maria found coverage for around $100 a month – the first time she’s been able to secure affordable insurance while living in the United States. Now, when friends and family ask what this means for her, she says “una tranquilidad.”

“Last year, I had an accident and my bill was several thousand dollars. If I had health insurance I simply would not have paid so much money.”

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