Get Covered America Campaign Announces Massive March Enrollment Mobilization Effort, Highlighted by Multi-State Bus Tour

National Training Weekend Adds More than 4,000 Volunteer Shifts for Huge “Countdown to Get Covered” Push to Reach Uninsured in Last Month of Open Enrollment

Wednesday, February 26, 2014
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Washington, DC – On Wednesday, Enroll America announced a “Countdown to Get Covered” outreach push – highlighted by a bus tour through Texas and Ohio – which will mobilize thousands of organizations and tens of thousands of volunteers to reach out to uninsured consumers in the month leading up to the March 31 deadline to enroll in health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act. The all-of-the-above approach will use grassroots outreach, an aggressive advertising campaign, and events targeted to youth, women, Latinos, and African-Americans to reach uninsured consumers where they are with the facts they need to get covered. Enroll America staff and volunteers will organize more than 3,000 events during the month of March, and during the last two weeks before the deadline, host daily enrollment events in all of the major cities in Enroll America’s 11 staffed states to make sure that consumers have access to in-person enrollment assistance.

“All of the work that our dedicated staff, volunteers, and partner organizations have done over the past five months has positioned us for success in this critical final stretch,” said Anne Filipic, President of Enroll America. “Thanks to the data we’ve collected, we know what works, and thanks to the huge coalition we have built, we’re ready to leave no stone unturned as we work right up to the deadline to make sure Americans know about the quality, affordable health insurance now available to them through the Health Insurance Marketplace.”

As part of the final month blitz, a 30-passenger “Countdown to Get Covered” bus with Enroll America President Anne Filipic riding alongside elected officials, faith leaders, community partners, organizers, and volunteers will tour Texas and Ohio for 10 days beginning on March 11. The colorful bus will appear at enrollment fairs, canvasses, phone banks, community events, schools, and even the SXSW music festival to rally volunteers and encourage people to enroll in coverage.

“The need to get the word out that healthcare you can afford is available now unites people across diverse communities,” said SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry. “So SEIU members together with national allies – including the Latino Civic Engagement Project, the Black Civic Engagement Project, the NAACP, NCLR and Out2Enroll – are stepping up  to do even more vigorous and targeted outreach to the African American, Latino communities  and also the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. In cities like Houston, Dallas, Miami, Philadelphia and Detroit, our local partnerships have put roughly 33,000 more people on a path to enrollment in just our first few weeks.”

“Chase” Strategy to Prompt Uninsured to Action

Enroll America has always projected that many consumers would wait until near the deadline to enroll, and over the past year, built an organization of more than 250 staff and a network of more than 20,000 volunteers to ensure sufficient capacity to reach as many consumers as possible during the all-important final month. Those volunteers have already reached out directly to more than 660,000 consumers, and more than 181,000 consumers have confirmed that they are uninsured or underinsured and interested in finding coverage. Staff and volunteers then follow up with those consumers through “chase” calls and emails to encourage them to enroll and to answer their questions; initial data shows that the chances a consumer will enroll goes up every time they are contacted by Enroll America. The “Countdown to Get Covered” push kicked off with 40 national volunteer trainings during the last weekend of February. Those trainings brought in more than 1,700 volunteers who signed up for more than 4,000 volunteer shifts, which will help the field team to quadruple the number of weekly “chase” calls for the final month of open enrollment.

Partner Groups Engage in Unique Outreach

More than 2,200 partner organizations have now joined Enroll America’s enrollment effort, and Enroll America is hosting a six-part webinar series to equip partners with effective tips and strategies for the final weeks of open enrollment. Working with many of those partners, Enroll America will organize more than 3,000 events during the March push:

  • More than 25 community colleges will host mass enrollment events that allow students to enroll on-site at a campus computer lab or similar location.
  • In partnership with partner organizations like Voto Latino and Planned Parenthood, Enroll America will participate in 15 National Latino Enrollment Summits in 30 days.
  • Christian, Muslim, and Jewish faith communities will join Enroll America for a National Faith Week of Action from March 7-15, and more than a dozen prominent African-American and Latino faith leaders will be reaching out to their communities through targeted media appearances.
  • Enroll America is also expanding programs that reach out to cab drivers, restaurant workers, tax centers, and many others to spread the word about enrollment.

Advertising and Digital Outreach Ramps Up

The innovative “Take Care People” advertising campaign – which Enroll America launched with the Ad Council in February – is now in full swing, and throughout March, ads will appear across the country including on billboards in Times Square, on buses in Austin, and on TV, radio, in newspapers, magazines and online. That campaign, which uses pets as the unique “spokespeople” to reach young women, is expected to generate about $30 million worth of ad placements this year, and Enroll America will also host four Twitter chats and release a series of animated gifs and Vines of the pets from the campaign on Twitter and Facebook. Enroll America has also expanded its targeted digital ad campaign from $5 million to $7 million, and refocused the messages on financial assistance and the March 31 deadline, significantly increasing click-through rates. Thanks to that outreach, more than 1.1 million unique users have visited GetCoveredAmerica.Org, and Enroll America will be sending a series of countdown emails to our more than 675,000 subscribers with local assister locations and other tips to help them take the final steps to get covered.


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