Get Covered America’s #GotCovered Series: New Year Means New Coverage for Millions

Americans are no longer just shopping for new health insurance options. They are paying their premiums, receiving health insurance cards, and scheduling doctor’s visits.

Thursday, January 2, 2014
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Washington, DC – Over 2 million Americans have enrolled in private health insurance plans thanks to federal and state marketplaces – many eager to meet the December 23 deadline for coverage beginning January 1. For them, the New Year represents a new era in financial security. Many waited years, and overcame significant obstacles, before finding coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, consumers can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition, and new protections guarantee their insurance plan will be there when they need it. Consumers who signed up for insurance already are receiving premium invoices and insurance cards. Some are starting to schedule doctor and dentist visits and renewing their prescriptions. This week’s #GotCovered profile highlights consumers we have talked to who are navigating the transition to their new insurance policies, and are eager to share what they have found. Our previous #GotCovered stories are available here.

Tracy Morgan – Charlotte, North Carolina
Health insurance is much more than a premium to Tracy. After Tracy’s husband was diagnosed with brain cancer, the couple lost their insurance when her old employer closed shop. Fortunately they were able to find coverage through a high risk pool in his final days. Her experience taught her the importance of health coverage, and in addition to enrolling herself, she is volunteering with Get Covered America to spread the word to her friends and neighbors.

“‘It means that if anything happens to me. I won’t be dropped from a policy,’ said Morgan.”
WSOCTV9, Affordable Care Act takes full effect. January 1, 2014

Julie and Danny Thiets – Decatur, Georgia
This Georgia couple went years without affordable health care options until the New Health Insurance Marketplace opened. They have enrolled in coverage that will save them hundreds of dollars starting this month.

“I’m just over the moon,” Julie Thiets said. “I feel like we won the lottery.”
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Some Georgians could get care they need for first time in a long time. January 2, 2014

Rita Rizzo and Lou Vincent – Akron, Ohio
Rita and her husband Lou are self-employed. Shopping private insurance before October 1 meant a lot of denials for joint coverage because of his pre-existing conditions. Now, for the first time in years, the couple will be insured together at last.

“The coverage is wonderful,” said Rizzo. “We’ll get prescription coverage. Right now, his prescriptions alone are $170 a month.”
NBC News, Insured, finally: Families put Obamacare to the real test. January 1, 2014

Diane Kay – Brighton, Michigan
As a self-employed lawyer, Diane looked forward to the marketplace opening. Though she experienced glitches when she first logged on to HealthCare.Gov in October, she took comfort in the knowledge she would soon have access to affordable health care plans. Fortunately, after going uninsured since 2007, she was able to navigate the site in November and found a plan that fit her budget. She says she’s thrilled with her new insurance.

“I’ve always had faith that it was at some point going to work,” Kay said. “I felt like I needed to have patience.”
Associated Press, Some uninsured get coverage on Wednesday, but Obamacare’s effect still unclear. December 29, 2013

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