Get Covered America’s #GotCovered Series: Florida Resident Finally Finds Coverage After A Difficult Year Without Insurance

Thursday, November 21, 2013
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Josh Benson, Palm Beach, FL had major surgery under his parents’ plan and then went uninsured until the new Health Insurance Marketplace opened

Washington, DC — Get Covered America’s weekly #GotCovered series highlights consumers who have found coverage that fits their needs and their budget through the new Health Insurance Marketplaces. This week Josh Benson shares his story: as a student, he was surprised by a major health issue and then became uninsured when he turned 26. Our previous #GotCovered stories are available here.

Josh Benson, 27 – Palm Beach, FL

When Josh Benson was 21, he became a type-1 diabetic after undergoing surgery for pancreatitis — a condition that required the removal of his pancreas and part of his stomach to stop constant pain. The illness blindsided Josh and his parents, but they were able to manage the cost because he was on their insurance at that point. But Josh was dropped from his parents’ plan last summer after his 26th birthday. He currently works part time, and, because of his pre-existing condition, cannot afford to find insurance in the private marketplace.  Most companies immediately denied his applications, and the ones that didn’t would have charged him premiums of thousands of dollars every month.  Without insurance, he struggled to pay for the insulin and other care his diabetes requires.

Fortunately, Josh was able to enroll in a platinum plan last week with the help of a navigator. He had tried unsuccessfully on October 1, but wanted to give the website time to get fixed before trying again. When he did, Josh was amazed by the savings he found. Since he has a lot of regular specialist visits, lab work, and insulin to buy, the platinum options fit his needs best. His subsidy of $215 a month will make the monthly premium just $133 dollars. Josh says in the year he was uninsured, insulin for one month alone could cost up to $800 dollars. Josh simply could not believe he was able to sign up after trying to get covered for over a year. Moreover, he could not believe he was never asked about any pre-existing conditions.

Once he receives his invoice to submit payment, Josh will begin his new coverage plan on January 1. In the meantime, he’s volunteering with Get Covered America to tell his community about the benefits of the new Marketplace. For him, that means no more uncertainty and deferring important treatment. Josh and his family are ecstatic to have the peace of mind and independence that insurance provides them once again.


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