Enroll America Raises More Than $27 Million to Educate Consumers About New Health Insurance Marketplaces, Rolls Out Second Phase of Campaign

Tuesday, November 12, 2013
Contact: Justin Nisly
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As Grassroots Outreach Campaign Grows Exponentially, Enroll America Readies “Coverage is Coming” Blitz to Coincide with HealthCare.Gov Fixes

Washington, DC – Enroll America, the nation’s leading non-profit health insurance enrollment organization, announced today that they have raised more than $27 million in 2013, and will ramp up phase two of their consumer-focused Get Covered America campaign to coincide with the HealthCare.Gov fixes that HHS has said will be in place by the end of November. From December 1 until December 15 – the deadline to enroll in order for coverage to start on January 1 – the “Coverage is Coming” outreach push will reach uninsured consumers at their doors, in their communities, and online to encourage them to return to the website and enroll in coverage. Already since launching in June, staff and volunteers in the ten states targeted by the Get Covered America campaign have reached out directly to more than 302,000 consumers in person or over the phone, with more than half of that outreach occurring in October alone.

“Even as technical problems have slowed the initial month of open enrollment, strong financial support from our partners has enabled us to build a rapidly growing team of volunteers, and reach hundreds of thousands of consumers with important information about their new insurance options,” said Anne Filipic, President of Enroll America. “We’re continuing to reach more and more uninsured consumers every day, and when the website is fixed, the team we’ve built will allow us to reach back to each of them personally to make sure they are able to successfully enroll in coverage that fits their needs and budget.”

Strong Fundraising Support from Philanthropies and the Health Care Sector

Enroll America began raising funds for the Get Covered America campaign in March of 2013, and through November, over $27 million dollars has already been collected or committed to the effort, on top of more than $5 million raised in 2011 and 2012. Even as technical problems have troubled the initial rollout of the marketplaces, fundraising for enrollment efforts has remained strong. Funding has come from philanthropies like The Ford Foundation, The California Endowment, the Kate B Reynolds Charitable Trust, and Saint Luke’s Health Initiatives; from private corporations working in the health care sector like the Tennessee Hospital Association and Catholic Health Initiatives; and from individual donors.

“We are proud to help support Enroll America’s efforts to make Arizonans aware of their insurance options available through the new Health Insurance Marketplaces,” said Kim VanPelt from St. Luke’s Health Initiatives in Phoenix, AZ. “It’s exciting to see their work in action as it continues to be extremely important in the coming weeks and months. The Get Covered America campaign shares our commitment to promoting health care coverage and we look forward to watching their continued success.”

Outreach Efforts Continue to Grow Rapidly

Over the past seven months, Enroll America has worked aggressively to build a national grassroots field program operating in 10 target states with a high concentration of the uninsured. Thanks to generous support from donors, the Get Covered America campaign is now expanding into its 11th state, adding a field program to reach uninsured consumers in Tennessee.

Since June, the organization has grown from a core staff of 14 members in March 2013, to a nationwide team of about 200 employees, more than 140 of whom are working on the ground in communities across the country. Those staffers have been joined by more than 10,000 volunteers who have donated time to the campaign, and a core group of more than 5,600 volunteers are actively engaged in reaching out to consumers. That team is rapidly growing, with an average of 356 new volunteers joining the campaign every week.

In the month of September, those staff and volunteers reached as many consumers as had been reached from June through August, and in October, consumer outreach doubled again:


In all, Enroll America staff and volunteers have reached out to more than 302,000 consumers. Those outreach attempts have resulted in more than 62,000 documented consumer conversations, and more than 30,000 of those consumers are uninsured or underinsured and interested in purchasing health insurance through the new marketplaces. In addition, more than 260 partner organizations who engage millions of additional consumers are partnering with Enroll America, and using Get Covered America research, tools, and resources to reach their communities with the information they need to enroll in affordable, comprehensive coverage.

Enroll America has also expanded its State Assistance program by adding five regional managers based in Colorado, New York, Tennessee, and Washington, DC to provide technical assistance, enrollment monitoring, and best practices to state-based stakeholders in their regions. Enroll America is also partnering directly with The California Endowment to share best practices from the California experience nationally and to support the The Endowment’s enrollment grantees.

Enroll America’s robust digital campaign has seen similar rapid growth, with nearly 300,000 visitors just since the September launch of the new campaign website, which helps consumers calculate an estimate of their monthly health insurance costs, get answers to their questions, and find their state’s marketplace website.

“The grassroots energy we’ve seen since October 1 shows how hungry consumers are for just-the-facts information on quality, affordable health insurance options,” said Anne Filipic. “With the rate of growth we’ve seen in the month of October alone, we’re confident that as the March 31 deadline approaches, we’ll have a robust, trained team of volunteers and partners in place to make sure consumers in communities across the country have the information they need to get covered.”

Detailed numbers and charts breaking down the growth of the field program are available HERE.

“Coverage is Coming” Push Will Encourage Consumers to Return to Website and Enroll

As HHS works to implement fixes to HealthCare.Gov by the end of November, Enroll America is preparing a two-week full-court-press outreach push which will encourage the more than 30,000 under- and uninsured consumers who have already spoken with a staffer or volunteer to take steps to complete their enrollment, reach tens of thousands new uninsured consumers for the first time with information about their options, and build momentum for the last four months of open enrollment. From December 1 through December 15, Get Covered America staff, volunteers, and partners will hold more than 1,000 “Coverage is Coming” events across the country. Enroll America analyzed data from the first phase of the campaign to determine the most effective ways of finding uninsured consumers; that data shows that volunteers were able to reach the most interested consumers when they go to the places they visit most, so the “Coverage is Coming” blitz will focus on those locations, including shopping malls, churches, wellness events, barber shops, and public libraries.

To listen or download a recording of the announcement call, CLICK HERE.

About Get Covered America and Enroll America

Get Covered America is a national campaign of Enroll America that is focused on educating consumers about the benefits of health coverage and the new health insurance available under the Affordable Care Act. With field operations in eleven states (AZ, FL, GA, IL, MI, NC, NJ, OH, PA, TN, and TX), our grassroots team is powered by passionate staff and volunteers with one motivating goal: to give Americans the information they need to choose an affordable health insurance plan that’s right for them and their families.

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