Get Covered America Launches New #GotCovered Series to Highlight Stories of Consumers Who Find Affordable Insurance on the New Marketplaces

Wednesday, October 9, 2013
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Mark Sullivan, Entrepreneur from Austin, TX, Enrolled in a Plan that Will Give Him the Security to Focus on His Small Business

Today, the Get Covered America campaign launched a new weekly series called #GotCovered that will highlight the stories of consumers who find health insurance that fits their needs and their budget through the new Health Insurance Marketplaces that launched at the beginning of October. This week, the Get Covered America website will feature Mark Sullivan, an entrepreneur from Texas who found an insurance plan through; additional consumer success stories from Get Covered America’s update call last week are available here.

Mark Sullivan, 31 – Austin, TX

After working for two years in Austin’s tech sector, Mark has been eager to start his own business, but the risk of high healthcare costs if he left his job made him hesitate. That’s why he was eagerly anticipating the new Health Insurance Marketplace that opened under the Affordable Care Act last week. Mark got started creating an account on right away. After reviewing the plans available and comparing them to his COBRA continuation coverage premium, Mark is relieved to know that he can focus on growing his new business without the cost of healthcare cutting into money that should go into the company. Despite a few glitches along the way, Mark found an insurance plan that will provide him affordable coverage starting January 1.

Mark now feels confident focusing on the success of his new consulting business, saying health insurance is “one less thing I have to think about” as he pours his time and talent into this next major career move. He also thinks the marketplace will make it possible for more people to start new businesses and wants to share his success with the larger entrepreneurial community in Austin.

After comparing plans, Mark settled on a bronze option and added dental insurance. He will receive an $82 per month subsidy, which will halve the monthly premium he will pay down to $78. While his new startup will require a lot of personal expense early on, if profits grow faster than he projects, his subsidy may end up being a bit lower by the end of the year. That’s no concern for Mark, since even without the tax credit, his total premium is still much more affordable than the private plans he had been able to find on the individual market. As Mark says, “being able to pay back the subsidy at the end of the year would be a welcome situation,” because it would mean his investment in charting his own path is paying off.

When he reached the end of the process, Mark elected to receive an invoice from the insurance provider because he wanted to have a copy of the paperwork. Once his check is in the mail, Mark plans to help his fiancée and friends with the enrollment process.

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