Enroll America Joined by Successful Enrollees and In-Person Assistors for Update on Education and Enrollment Efforts

Wednesday, October 4, 2013
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Enrollment Officials and Newly-Covered Consumers Discussed Experiences during First Few Days of Open Enrollment

WASHINGTON, DC – Yesterday afternoon, Enroll America hosted a conference call bringing together in-person assistors and successfully enrolled consumers to provide an update on education and enrollment efforts across the country, and discuss the steps people are taking to accommodate the overwhelming interest from those who stand to benefit from the new Health Insurance Marketplaces that opened on October 1 (to download a recording of the call, CLICK HERE). Here are some highlights from the speakers:

Anne Filipic, President of Enroll America

“We’ve seen extraordinary demand in the first few days of enrollment which tells us that there’s clearly a lot of hunger out there for the facts. People have been waiting for years for the opportunity to purchase health care and they are excited to get the facts and learn more.”

Will Russell, Louisville, KY

Will is a small business owner and father of a one-year old. Will’s pre-existing condition meant he has been denied insurance for 15 years. He’s had to pay for everything out of his own pocket – and those bills add up quickly. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, Will was able to get some limited coverage through Kentucky Access, the state’s high risk pool. Starting January 1st, he’ll be covered by a plan he found through Kynect, the Kentucky state marketplace, and insurance companies will never be allowed to deny him coverage again because of his pre-existing condition.

“When I signed up I couldn’t believe how many good options there were. They were reasonably priced and the system was streamlined and simple. … I’m also hoping to get my employees covered too which is something I’ve wanted to do for years but could never do before. … Now we are paying less for better coverage and I’m really looking forward to January 1. It’s going to be a new day for my family, for me and so many people just like us in Kentucky and throughout the country.”

Daniel McNaughton, Orlando, FL

Daniel is a 22 year old college senior who works two jobs part-time and studies computer science. His current insurance plan has a very costly premium and little coverage. On Wednesday, he compared plans for just over an hour before settling on a gold tier plan in Florida’s marketplace. Thanks to the tax credit, his monthly premium on his new plan is about as low as his cell phone bill.

“I’m very happy to say that come January 1, I’m actually going to have a good health insurance plan that will meet all my needs and not have to worry about how I’m going to pay for it. …There were almost 100 different plans that were available to me and the best thing I found about it was that I was able to compare different plans side by side so I understood what I was getting and was comparing apples to apples. Right now as I’m preparing to graduate, it’s very important that I have health insurance.”

Clint Murphy, Savannah, GA

Clint Murphy has worked for Republican campaigns most of his adult life. When he was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2000, it made finding affordable coverage that would meet his needs virtually impossible. While he hasn’t enrolled yet, he knows he has until December 15 to sign up and his coverage begins on January 1, so he plans to take time deciding on a plan that fits his needs and budget.

“I cannot tell you what the feeling of finally being able to have coverage in January means. … I’m confident that I have plenty of time to sign up and make an educated decision about my options, what fits for me personally and financially. I look forward to January 1st so I can take responsibility, personal responsibility for my health care and have the security and peace of mind moving forward in life.”

Tony Garr, Southeast State Assistance Manager for Enroll America

“I was at the kickoff in Nashville, Tennessee with the Mayor on Tuesday … as the event was coming to an end, I walked over to where some of the CACs and Navigators were sitting and I asked one of the CACs how things went and she said that she wasn’t able to enroll anyone because of the glitch but that she was able to help a lot of people… the great thing about that is they turned a glitch into a wonderful education session and they help people understand their choices and how to get coverage. We’re seeing this happen everyday, the education is very important. And I’m just really happy that these certified application councilors and these navigators who are on the ground are doing such a wonderful job.”

Doctor Ibraham Ahmed, Project Administrator for Southeast Michigan Navigator Community Bridges Management

“We’re finding a lot of enthusiasm and we’re excited about enrolling them here in Michigan through the ACA. … The people we’re talking with are very enthusiastic. They have stories about having to go to the ER and they’re just fed up with having emergency care instead of having primary and preventative care and now they can have it. … People seem to be happy right now with just getting the information, because it’s a lot of information at once. We’re trying to tell them about tax credits and co-payments and the various insurance plans. … What we’re doing is navigating them and letting them understand what their resources are what their options may be through the calculators. … People are just happy to even get that info so we’re taking names and numbers … so that we can get back with them as it clears up and work with them.”

Nasim Zahran, Outreach and Enrollment Coordinator for Miami, Florida Certified Application Assister Borinquen Health Center

“I wanted to share with you a little about our experience here in the last 48 hours I can tell you that we’ve been seeing a lot of enthusiasm and excitement at Borinquen Health Center. On October 1, people started lining up before we even opened. We’ve educated about 300-400 people just in the first couple of days and already a third say they’re ready to go ahead and enroll. … As we’ve been helping people out put their information into the premium calculator they’ve been very pleased at the price points that are coming out.”

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