Armed with Research Showing Reasonable Costs Motivate Consumers to Enroll in Health Coverage, Get Covered America Launches New Calculator Tool

Thursday, October 24, 2013
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“Get Covered” Calculator will Help the Uninsured Quickly Find Simple and Accurate Price Estimates

Washington, DC – Today, Enroll America announced the results of a large online survey that found consumers are significantly more interested in purchasing a plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace when shown specific information about the cost. Enroll America also released the innovative Get Covered Calculator that will provide consumers with easy-to-understand cost estimates and will guide them to the next step of the enrollment process. With technical problems still troubling the online enrollment system, Enroll America realizes consumers are looking for ways to begin the shopping experience, and is helping them get ready for coverage.

“These findings are encouraging and reinforce what we’re hearing on the ground from folks every day,” said Anne Filipic, president of Enroll America. “Knowing that plans through the Marketplace will provide families with financial security without breaking the bank is a huge motivator for many consumers. This kind of information is in high demand and our team is working hard to find creative new ways to provide individuals with the facts so they can learn about their new options.”

As part of the survey, which was conducted before open enrollment began, a national sample of 3,530 people answered questions about their interest in purchasing insurance; over half of respondents were classified as uninsured or underinsured. Survey takers were asked two questions regarding their interest in purchasing a health care plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace. In response to the first question, which gauged general interest in the Marketplace without mentioning a specific price, 22.3% of the uninsured or underinsured indicated they were interested in enrolling.

The second question asked survey takers if they would buy insurance for $2,000 a year, or $167 a month—figures comfortably within the range of cost estimates for subsidized bronze plans on the Marketplace. In response to this question with specific and realistic prices, favorability towards enrollment more than doubled, with 48.7% of uninsured and underinsured indicating that they would purchase insurance through the marketplace. In fact, almost a quarter of respondents who said they would definitely not buy insurance changed their mind when presented with realistic prices.

With this research in mind, Enroll America developed the Get Covered Calculator, a consumer-friendly tool that provides individuals and families with realistic cost estimates for new coverage using basic information. In a clean, jargon-free interface, the calculator produces an estimated price range of what the consumer would be eligible for through their Marketplace. The Get Covered Calculator uses the most up-to-date data to provide consumers an estimate of what they’re eligible for based on the state in which they live, and then connects them directly to the appropriate place for them to start the enrollment process. The calculator is free, easy to use, and doesn’t require or retain any sensitive personal information.

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