Connections: A Peer Learning Webinar Series on Connecting Consumers to Coverage & Care

Co-hosted by Enroll America and the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services May 25 – July 27, 2016

Connections: A Peer Learning Webinar Series on Connecting Consumers to Coverage and Care is a national peer learning webinar series that featured Navigators and assisters from around the country sharing their experience, challenges and innovative solutions for connecting individuals and families to affordable, quality health care and preventive services throughout the year. A discussion session followed each presentation.

The full series and recordings of each webinar is available below:

Making Connections that Stick: Best Practices that Turn Outreach into Relationships

 This kick-off webinar will focus on strategies that build  sustainable networks of relationships in identifying and  reaching consumers with year round assistance. Join  colleagues from the Milwaukee Enrollment Network and  Navigators for a Healthy Louisiana to learn how strategic  alliances and organizing through a lens of coverage to care  can help consumers retain and use their coverage.

Staying in Touch: The Art of Connecting Consumers to Year Round Access

 Join us for this presentation and discussion about helping  enrolled consumers navigate the health care system and  understand their insurance coverage and benefits. Learn how Epilepsy Foundation and Community Health Initiative of Orange County have created systems for staying in touch with their clients and act as a reliable and trusted resource for clear and timely information.

Connecting the System: Technology for Consumer Engagement

This presentation will explore how navigators are using  digital tools and social media to strengthen their outreach  and education strategies and support on-the-ground  assistance. Navigators from Alaska Primary Care  Association and Centro Med San Antonio will share how they use digital and data sharing strategies as a means of staying connected to consumers.

Health as a Second Language: Connecting Health Insurance Literacy to Outreach and Coverage to Care Efforts

Navigators developing culturally relevant practices and  resources are finding success in reaching non-English  speaking communities and hard to reach consumers – including those in the criminal justice system. Join colleagues from Maricopa County, Arizona and MHP Salud of the Rio Grande Valley for a presentation of thoughtful methods for reaching, communicating, and educating  consumers with timely and relevant strategies.

PowerMapping: Expanding Capacity & Building Partnerships to Connect with Consumers All Year Long

This final webinar in the series will focus on “mapping” techniques that help to identify and invite new and perhaps unexpected partners to join in enrollment and coverage to care educational efforts. The Arizona Alliance of Community Health Centers and others will share their strategies for mapping for potential new partners and strengthening existing ones!


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