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One of the essential ways Enroll America furthers its mission is by supporting and learning from the outreach and enrollment work our partners are conducting in states and municipalities across the country. Our approach is collaborative with a focus on delivering partners the tools they need to achieve the shared goal of getting people covered. Here are just a few examples of the thousands of state- and local-level partnerships we’ve developed in communities across the country:

City of Philadelphia

405px-Seal_of_Philadelphia,_Pennsylvania.svgThe Get Covered America campaign works directly with the City of Philadelphia to conduct outreach to consumers about their new health insurance options. Our staff and volunteers partner with the city’s Free Library System to connect consumers to information and provide enrollment stations. City personnel get the word out through the municipal Department of Records, the Office of Housing and Community Development, the Mayor’s Commission On Aging, and the Community Empowerment Office. The Mayor’s office also garners earned media and helps to convene other local and regional partner organizations around enrollment.

Eastside Neighborhood Employment Center

ENEC_LogoPittsburgh’s Eastside Neighborhood Employment Center (ENEC) formed a natural partnership with the Enroll America field team. Early into open enrollment, the ENEC agreed to keep a drop-box in their center for consumers to request more information about health insurance options — at times directly connecting more than 100 consumers a week to outreach assistance. The ENEC also hosted enrollment events with Enroll America, where in-person assisters could walk consumers through their health insurance application and get them covered on the spot. The ENEC has agreed to continue the partnership next year, but they didn’t stop there: they’ve trained other area organizations on how to utilize Enroll America’s resources to connect consumers to coverage.


Enroll America has many resources available to help state and local partners strengthen their outreach and enrollment work. Here are some of the ways our team of experts can help partners augment their outreach and enrollment programs:

Develop Your Outreach Program
Enroll America has developed evidence-based tools that can help our partners further develop their outreach strategies surrounding health coverage enrollment and retention—for both the general community and specific constituencies. Our experts are available to provide in-person or web-based training and technical assistance on outreach planning, and can facilitate brainstorming sessions to help partners develop and manage their outreach programs.
Target and Monitor Success Using Data and Mapping Tools
The Get Covered Data system allows our partners to target outreach and track conversations with consumers. This database contains records on more than 200 million consumers, alongside a “likely uninsured” score that helps outreach staff identify the best individual targets within their area of focus. Enroll America also has mapping tools available on our website that provide our partners with information on where uninsured and SNAP beneficiaries live.
Get Guidance and Information on Enrollment Best Practices
Enroll America is focused on identifying, developing, and disseminating information about best practices that make it easy for people to get covered and stay covered. Our partners can tap into this expertise if they need to better understand federal and state guidance or to learn more about policy solutions that maximize health coverage enrollment and retention. In addition to technical assistance, our partners have access to issue briefs, factsheets, and blogs on important health coverage enrollment topics.
Create or Enhance Your Volunteer Program
Enroll America can help partners develop a volunteer program that will enhance their ability to reach consumers and empower community leaders to get involved. From managing the program to recruiting volunteers, Enroll America can help our partners develop a new program or address challenges in existing volunteer programs.
Strengthen Your Communications
Through national surveys and focus groups Enroll America continues to develop messages that motivate consumers to get covered. Enroll America also partners with health literacy experts to research the best language and design to explain complicated options to consumers. These combined areas of expertise
allow Enroll America to help our partners fine-tune their message and marketing resources so they resonate with consumers.
Enhance Your Online Strategy
Enroll America has created tools to help consumers understand their insurance options. An embeddable calculator gives consumers an estimate of what costs and financial help they might qualify for, while an embeddable locator tool can help consumers find in-person help with their application. A new plan picker tool is also available to help consumers determine the plan category that best suits their needs. Enroll America can also help partners develop other online strategies, such as digital ads and email communication, as needed.
Learning from Other States through Our National Network
Enroll America works with various health coverage professionals at the national and state level. Through this network our partners have the opportunity to learn about different outreach models, training programs, coalition structures, and other effective initiatives or resources being used across the country. Our partners can learn from other states through our webinars and written resources and by asking our staff to make an introduction.

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