#GotCovered Challenge

Health coverage helps save lives. So when we say it’s important to share testimonials, we mean it. By sharing enrollment success stories from those you help get covered, you will encourage those who are still uninsured to cross the finish line before February 15. The #GotCovered challenge is an easy way to do that. The testimonials you provide will help inform consumers about their new health coverage options as well as promote resources to help people in your community sign up.

How to get started

  1. Make a plan to share testimonials on social media at enrollment events or during outreach opportunities using some of the resources available here. Whether you have helped someone enroll online, over the phone, or in-person, share a brief bit of their experience before the February 15 deadline.
  2. Once you have permission to share a consumer’s story, upload their image or a short video on Facebook, Twitter, Vine, or Instagram accounts using the #GotCovered hashtag.
  3. Mention how and why they signed up to motivate others – linking to local resources or GetCoveredAmerica.org.


Be sure to use the #GotCovered hashtag so others can highlight your post and spotlight this great work!


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