Get Covered Plan Explorer

Get Covered Plan Explorer

Empowering consumers to better understand their health insurance plan choices — what they might pay out-of-pocket for health care services in a year, and what providers are covered — is crucial to maximizing the number of Americans who get covered and stay covered.

With the Plan Explorer, they simply:

  1. Enter some household and health info
  2. Find out what financial help they qualify for
  3. See their estimated annual health care costs and covered providers
  4. Compare plans apples-to-apples
  5. Enroll in a plan that meets their needs and budget

If anyone in the household might qualify for Medicaid/CHIP or Medicare, the Plan Explorer will point them in the right direction.

The Plan Explorer is free to embed on your website. If you’re interested in partnering on a co-branded Plan Explorer, drop us a line.

Get the Plan Explorer

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