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Using data-driven outreach strategies has been critical to maximizing the number of people we’ve connected to health coverage. Now, the same tools used by hundreds of outreach and enrollment staff and volunteers are available to partner organizations to aid in implementation of similar strategies within their own programs.

Benefits of Partnering with Enroll America

Enroll America provides both program consultation and access to data targeting tools.

Program Consultation:

Enroll America Field experts will work with you to develop or augment your outreach plan, including setting goals and defining metrics for success. Our experience in executing consumer health coverage outreach has given us valuable insights we are happy to share with partner organizations.

  • We will continue to work with you to fine-tune your outreach plan and provide support at key points in your program, such as shifting gears to follow up with identified uninsured consumers or widening access to assistance resources.

Data Tools Support & Access:

  • Our consumer-outreach-tracking database, Get Covered Data, provides a stable, secure platform for your outreach staff to use in targeting and tracking your outreach conversations with consumers. With this tool, you can view reports on your program’s activity, hold staff to goals, and analyze data collected from consumers.
  • Get Covered Data contains publicly available consumer data on over 230 million consumers nationwide, including predictions on each consumer’s likelihood of being uninsured, to help you guide your outreach.
  • We provide partners access to support from our Partner Data team as well as training for your administrators on Get Covered Data to help you target outreach effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What information is included in the database?

Get Covered Data holds records on adult consumers nationwide. Enroll America has built a base file of over 200 million consumers across the country, including names, addresses, phone numbers, and demographic information.

Where does your data come from?

Our base file is built from publically available data, specifically voter registration files and consumer data sources. Enroll America also uses Get Covered Data to track data gathered from our conversations with consumers and makes that data available to partner organizations.

How can this database be used?

Enroll America is a nonpartisan, non-advocacy 501(c)3 organization. Get Covered Data may only be used to conduct consumer outreach with the express purpose of helping them enroll in health coverage.

What types of organizations can gain access to GCD?

Community-based organizations, assister organizations, health providers, and other nonprofit organizations conducting direct consumer outreach and education around affordable health coverage may partner with Enroll America to gain access to Get Covered Data.

What training and documentation is provided for using the database?

Enroll America provides many training opportunities for Get Covered Data partner organizations, including free administrator training upon gaining access and weekly office hours for supporting and training your users. We also provide extensive documentation on the use of Get Covered Data through our Get Covered Data Library. If your organization has specialized training needs, we are happy to work with you to provide in-person trainings or more extensive webinar trainings.

How can I train my staff or volunteers on using this database?

Enroll America provides training slide decks for your use in training your staff and volunteers. We also provide train-the-trainer opportunities, where your staff can learn more about how to train on Get Covered Data.

How can I get support for Get Covered Data?

Get Covered Data has a sophisticated built-in support ticket system, allowing your organization to get quick answers to any technical issues or usage questions from our Data Support team.

How much does Get Covered Data access cost?

Standard Access to Get Covered Data is free for approved organizations. We also provide customized data and tools through Get Covered Data for organizations that need more sophisticated database access, for additional fees.

What are the technical requirements for using this database?

Users of Get Covered Data merely need access to a computer with an internet connection and either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser software to utilize Get Covered Data.


What skills are required for users of this database?

Get Covered Data is a web-based database interface — you and your staff do not need to have any coding knowledge to utilize the database fully. The Get Covered Data point-and-click interface is very user-friendly.

How is Get Covered Data kept secure?

Enroll America employs industry best practices to keep all data secure within Get Covered Data, including using a secure server, resting data encryption, and highly controllable user permissions.

How can my organization gain access to Get Covered Data?

Sign up for our Data Tools & Tactics Demonstration on this page to learn more about accessing Get Covered Data!

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