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Connecting consumers to in-person application help is critical to maximizing enrollment. There are two ways you can make in-person help more accessible to consumers — and help more people get covered and stay covered.

1. You can place the Connector on your website (it’s free).

Consumers on your site will be able to easily search for local application help by ZIP code. With the Connector, they simply:

  • Enter their ZIP code
  • See where in-person application help is offered in their community
  • Schedule an appointment online or by phone

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2. You can use the Connector to make appointments available online.

You can:

  • Manage assister schedules in one system
  • Make appointments publicly available for consumers to book
  • Automatically send consumers appointment reminders
  • Access all appointment data for your reporting needs

If you’re interested in becoming a Connector partner and using the backend for appointment management and reporting, drop us a line.

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