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Get Covered AcademyEquipping and empowering partners has always been a critical part of our organization’s work. The Get Covered Academy will help solidify and institutionalize a durable, sustainable culture of enrollment in communities nationwide.

With the Get Covered Academy, we’ll help your organization:

  1. Assess the strengths and opportunities for enhancement for your outreach program
  2. Tailor each training program to your organization’s unique needs
  3. Engage in a long-term, collaborative relationship and measure your organizations progress with quantifiable metrics

Our team has three open enrollment periods under our belts — and we’ve fine-tuned the Get Covered America campaign at every turn. We’ll leverage our expertise to help your organization enhance your outreach efforts and maximize enrollment.

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Or, explore the services we offer below:

Sampling of Our Services
  • In-person training – Using cutting-edge training techniques, Enroll America staff will come to you and provide training customized to fit your organization’s needs.
  • Consultation sessions – Our trainings result in quantifiable results. Consultation sessions are an opportunity to work directly with a member of the Enroll America team to check in on your progress toward goals and receive guidance and support.
  • Organizational assessment and guidance – We’ll take an in-depth look at your program and its goals, and identify areas to maximize your reach.
  • Strategic planning – Work with a member of the Enroll America team to develop and follow through on your organization’s strategic outreach and enrollment plan.
Engaging Consumers

Since its launch in 2013, the Get Covered America campaign has reached out to millions of consumers. Multiple one-on-one conversations with consumers have the potential to dramatically increase enrollment. The Get Covered Academy provides comprehensive training around engaging consumers directly, including (but not limited to):

  • Identifying uninsured consumers in your community
  • Field-tested tactics like the “commit card”
  • Developing effective follow-up programs that lead to concrete results
  • Increasing the effectiveness of in-reach
Digital and Data Tools

Tools like the Get Covered Connector and Get Covered Data have already allowed hundreds of partners to maximize their effectiveness. These tools are incredibly powerful by themselves, but with additional training and support, their effects can be amplified:

  • Incorporating scheduling tools into your organizational culture
  • Tracking uninsured consumers through the “cycle of enrollment” – from being identified to being enrolled
  • Increasing collaboration within your local partner network
  • Maximizing the effectiveness of your own data and digital tools

Enroll America is one of the only organizations that has comprehensive, research-based, and consumer-tested messaging around enrollment. The Get Covered Academy provides in-depth communications services, ranging from distilling simple talking points to incorporating tested messaging into your entire program, as well as:

  • Using consumer stories to boost your media and communications program
  • Taking advantage of your organizational and community events to gain earned media
  • Incorporating consumer-tested messaging into your outreach
Enrollment Mechanics

The Get Covered America campaign and our thousands of partners have pioneered innovative methods of delivering enrollment services to consumers:

  • Planning medium- and large-scale enrollment events — not only to connect uninsured consumers to coverage but also to lift up the profile of enrollment in your community
  • Developing effective appointment and scheduling systems
  • Increasing the rate at which consumers attend events and appointments
  • Implementing effective logistics systems
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