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Welcome to the Get Covered Connector Support page. You can access user manuals, training videos, an FAQ and connect with other members of the Connector Community.

General FAQ

I’ve lost my password. How can I get a new one?

If you log into the Connector admin interface with incorrect login credentials, a “forgot password/username” link will appear. If you click on it, it’ll prompt you to set a new password and will send instructions to your email.

What message should I share when I provide an assister with a log-in? What message should I share when I send a log-in to an outreach organization?

When you share login credentials with an organization, you should have a conversation with them to establish shared expectations of how they will use the tool and the level of support and training you’ll provide to support their usage. Your invitees can register for the introduction webinar here.

How can I find out my permissions? How can I get my permissions altered?

State leads will establish the permissions of different users, which will happen during the on boarding process. Permissions can limit the range of a user’s functions and the range of data that a user can view.

What are Users?

A “User” is a person with an account in the Connector. When a User is created, they’re given access to the administrative area of the Connector. Each User has a certain permission level, which dictates what they can see and do when logged in to the administrative area.

I’m an assister. What happens if a consumer books one of my appointments? Will the timeslot be marked as unavailable?

Once a consumer books an appointment, you will receive an email and the timeslot will be marked as unavailable for all other consumers and organizations who view your schedule on the public interface.

How can I ask a question?

You should direct all questions you have about using the tool to your State System Administrator. State lead system admins should reach out to their point of contact at Enroll America with questions. If you have additional questions, please contact

How can I create a schedule of appointments? Can I sync with my personal calendar?

You can create a schedule here. You can clone or copy schedules from week to week. At this time, there is not a way to sync your schedule with your personal calendar.

How are appointments confirmed?

Consumers are required to enter either an email address or a phone number in order to successfully book appointments. Each consumer who books an appointment will be able to opt into receiving email or text reminders. Once consumers who provide their phone numbers book appointments, their information will be available for you to do confirmation calls — click here to access that information.

What appointment outcomes can I track?

Answer: In light of the different reporting requirements for different types of assisters, tracking outcomes will vary. State leads and their partners will be able to establish outcome measures, and will also be provided with a list of default outcomes. Default outcomes include whether a consumer’s appointment is active, whether the appointment was cancelled, whether the consumer didn’t attend the appointment, and whether it was rescheduled.

I do not want consumers to see my availability because I will book appointments on my own. How can I make sure my appointments are not visible in the Connector consumer interface?

When you create your schedule, you can mark it as private. The private setting will ensure that your appointments are not visible in the Connector consumer interface.

If I create an Agent/Broker Organization, will all Locations tied to that Organization be viewed as Agent/Broker locations?

Yes. If either the location OR the organization is an agent/broker, then that location will display the agent/broker disclaimer message in the location search results.

What does the Organizations tab allow me to do?

You can create/edit Organizations, Locations, Assisters, and the Results Message a consumer sees upon selecting an appointment slot within this tab.

Can I control all of my Organization’s locations that appear on the widget via the Locations page?

Yes. All locations in the Connector admin, rather if they have a schedule tied to it or not, will appear on the widget when searched. However, locations that have future available appointment slots associated with it will filter to the top after a search on the widget.

When an organization is created and sync with GCD is checked, what does that mean for the flow of PII for consumers that schedule appointments with assisters/users under the organization?

When checked, the organization with GCD sync only means that the consumer’s data CAN be shared if the consumer provides consent. But if the Organization level is set to not sync data, then none of the consumer’s data will be synced. When an Organization’s level is set to not sync data, none of your data will be synced to GCD, even if a consumer wants to give consent.

Before an appointment is held and a Consumer’s able to consent to their data being shared, will pre-appointment updates sync to GCD?

Unless the Connector knows for sure that the appointment has occurred, data will not be synced. So an Assister can update many fields on the Appointment screen, but unless the Appointment “Status” is changed to Enrolled, Did not Enroll, etc., then nothing will be synced. If a consumer is a “No Show” for their appointment, then they were never given the opportunity to sign the form, and therefore their data cannot be synced. However, when Appointment Status is changed AND the consumer provided consent, then data will be shared.

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