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Join the Get Covered Champion Communicators!The Get Covered Champion Communicators is a new program from Enroll America designed to help organizations take their enrollment communications programs to the next level. By joining the Champion Communicators, organizations can work with Enroll America – for free – to design their own media plan, set goals, and track their program’s progress. Organizations will get access to hands-on support from Enroll America’s communications experts, tools for building press lists and tracking reach, and proprietary resources like the Champion Communicators Resource Hub, which includes communications templates and other best practices for every aspect of your communications program. The Champion Communicators is designed to help our partners get the help they need to reach their community using one of the most effective tools available: the media.

Who can be a Champion Communicator?

The program is designed for organizations with the interest and capability to manage a communications program but want help ensuring the program is functional and flourishes, or organizations with preexisting communications programs that they want to expand on. They do not necessarily need an existing communications staff member.

How will Champion Communicators benefit and what’s the commitment?


Local media is one of the most important ways that consumers learn about enrollment opportunities and in their communities. The Champion Communicators program will give you the resources and support your organization’s needs to continue making communications work a major component of your outreach efforts. You will get help developing your communications plan and implementing it so you can utilize communications for years to come. You will also get access to Enroll America’s Champion Communicators resource hub, which includes communications documents, and other best practices for every aspect of your program. This Hub is password protected and for the sole use of members of the Champion Communicators.

A Champion Communicator will receive the following from Enroll America:

  • Support and feedback throughout the process of writing a media plan, fielding press inquiries, editing and reviewing written materials, pitching stories, and more
  • Resources for implementing their media plan such as systems for tracking clips and building press lists, as well as the Champion Communicators Resource Hub
  • Support in hitting their goals, tracking progress, and quantifying their success
  • Strong consideration for specialized training from the Get Covered Academy to ensure every Champion Communicator is well-versed in many communications and outreach tactics

In return, the Champion Communicator will:


  • Designate someone in their organization as the point of contact that will work with Enroll America to design and implement their communications plan
  • Set goals for their work, and coordinate with Enroll America to track their progress
  • Participate in regular check ins with Enroll America to discuss ongoing communications efforts, identify areas of support needed, and assess the progress of their media plan

We’re willing to support organizations that want help with their communications work – we just want the organization to work with us too!

Examples of possible Champion Communicators:

  • A CAC or Navigator who wants to promote their enrollment station through local radio media
  • A local non-profit organization that serves a specific community, such as African Americans, the LGBT community, Latinos, etc. and wants to reach them through the media
  • A health center that doesn’t have the resources to build their own communications program, but wants to integrate communications into their work to promote their enrollment services
  • A statewide organization that wants to take their program to the next level by engaging the local media and quantifying the successes of their work
  • Any local organization that wants to integrate communications into their outreach and enrollment efforts!

My organization is interested! How do I apply?

Space in the program is limited, so to ensure that your organization’s communications goals align with what Enroll America can provide, potential participants are asked to submit an application. A member of the Enroll America communications team will follow up with you shortly thereafter to discuss your application. You can submit your application by clicking here.

Who do I talk to if I have more questions?

If you have any questions, you should feel free to email Paydon Miller, who is overseeing the Champion Communicators program, at

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