Become a Certified Application Counselor Organization!

Interested in helping your community get connected to quality, affordable health coverage? Here’s one tangible step your organization can take: Becoming a Certified Application Counselor (CAC) organization.

What’s a CAC organization?

CACs provide free, unbiased, in-person help to consumers who are applying for health coverage. CAC organizations can certify individual volunteers to provide that in-person assistance. Organizations that already devote their energy and resources to working with underserved communities can expand on their existing work, provide an additional service to the community they serve, and advance their overall mission by becoming a CAC organization.

Why do CACs matter?

Face-to-face application assistance makes a real difference, particularly for communities that stand to gain from new, affordable coverage options. In the past two years, people who got in-person help were nearly 60 percent likelier to successfully enroll. And in the first open enrollment period, African Americans and Latinos were 43 more likely to seek in-person assistance than white consumers.

That means that anyone interested in getting more people health coverage has an interest in making in-person assistance more available.

Every state has Navigators and community health centers that receive funding to provide enrollment assistance, but there are often not enough assisters to meet the demand. The CAC program provides a pathway for other interested organizations and individuals to receive training and become certified to provide enrollment assistance.

What kinds of organizations can become CAC organizations?

Many types! They include:

  • Community health centers
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Community colleges
  • Fraternities and sororities
  • Health care providers
  • City health departments
  • And more!

How can my organization become a CAC and make it easier for people in our community to get health coverage?

In states where the federal government operates the marketplace (states using, organizations that want to become a CAC organization complete an online application that must be approved by the marketplace. In states where the state operates the marketplace, organizations and individuals should ask their marketplace about how to apply and gain approval.

Learn more about how CAC organizations can get off the ground, recruit individual CACs, develop community partnerships, build their programs, and sustain them for the long haul by checking out our CAC Organization Toolkit.

Enroll America is committed to working with CAC organization partners to make health coverage enrollment a way of life — and an institutional reality — in every community in the country. Sign up here, and we will be in touch about partnership opportunities!

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