10 Days of Action

By Ebonee Rice

We’re counting down the days to the end of open enrollment! As a part of efforts to complete the 4th open enrollment period strong, we have launched the “10 Days of Action” campaign. Our goal is to help the outreach and enrollment community capitalize on the next few days by suggesting a number of quick and easy organizing strategies. Below is a full list of each day’s action. The campaign concludes the last day of open enrollment on January 31.

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Day 10: If you have a list of mobile phone numbers and a small budget, consider sending a text message. During OE3, text messages appeared to be an effective way to increase appointment attendance rates: Consumers who received text message reminders were about 20 percent more likely to attend their appointment than those who did not receive a text reminder. Here is a basic framework:

  • “Your appt is at [time] on [date]. [Location name], [street address], [city], [state]. To change, call [location phone number].”


Day 9: Amplify the personal stories of people who’ve benefitted from the law and the devastating impacts of taking away their care. Through ACAworks.org, the Center for American Progress has collected thousands of stories. You can use your voice to amplify these stories on social media. Here are some graphics that you can share on your platforms with the hashtag #ACAWorks.


Day 8: Think about who you have relationships with that come into contact with uninsured consumers. We recommend giving information to the library, the YMCA, local schools, etc.


Day 7: Share the Voto Latino’s Cafecito to promote enrollment among immigrant families. Here’s the link in English and Spanish.


Day 6: Promote Raising Women’s Voices enrollment materials/stories/graphics, including the “My Healthy, My Voice” and the “What’s at stake for women?” campaign. Check out their FREE downloadable materials here.


Day 5: Send mass communication via email leading up to 1/31 deadline. We know that email communication is proven successful. Here are some samples we’ve compiled over the last 4 years.


Day 4: Ask religious leaders to make an announcement about the deadline during services this weekend. Here’s our “Health Care in the Pulpit” toolkit to inform the conversation between clergy and practitioners.


Day 3: Share Out2Enroll’s graphics/messaging for the transgender community on your social media platforms. This link takes you to graphics, and sample text language to use as a resource.


Day 2: Participate in Young Invincibles’ Millennial Monday chat about health coverage. Use the hashtag #MillennialMon to follow/contribute to the conversation about young adults and health.


Day 1: Share the FB Live Tag Team Event hosted by the Department of Health and Human Services and 12 coalition partners. Below is a rundown of where to find each of the events.

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