Newly released: 2016 state-level uninsured snapshots

By Andy Anderson

Following up on the initial release of the state snapshots from 2015, Enroll has updated our popular state snapshot documents for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The snapshot provides a high-level look at the landscape of health coverage within the individual states. You can take a closer look at the local uninsured population and changes in state- and county-level uninsured rates since 2013, along with demographic and plan-selection data. In addition to the 2016 version of the snapshot, you can access county-level data tables along with the previous version of the report.

These resources use public sources and Enroll America/Civis Analytics’ data model, which provides estimated uninsured rates by geography and demographic group. For smaller geographies — such as counties — and demographic groups that contain fewer people, Enroll America’s estimates may show increased variation from the actual uninsured rate in these areas.

Click here to select the state(s) of interest and view the updated reports.

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