What Consumers Need to Know if Their Insurance Company is Leaving the Marketplace for 2017

By Sophie Stern

Next week on November 1, 2016 the marketplaces will begin open enrollment once again. The most important thing current marketplace enrollees can do during open enrollment is update their household information and compare plans available for 2017.

Plans and prices — not to mention the resulting amount of financial help available — change every year, so taking a few minutes to comparison shop can save consumers a bundle.

This year HealthCare.gov will be taking additional steps to make sure consumers stay covered even if their current health insurance company is leaving the marketplace in 2017:

  1. HealthCare.gov will suggest a new health insurance plan for these consumers.
  1. Consumers may receive a welcome kit and bill from this plan in the coming weeks to make it easier to avoid a gap in coverage, but they are under no obligation to enroll in this plan.
  1. Just like all current marketplace enrollees, they might find another plan they like better if they shop.

OE4 Reenrollment Guidance
We encourage you to share it with your networks so that consumers are reminded how important it is to actively renew:

Click here for the full-sized graphic.

Click here to download the graphic as a PDF. 

We’ve also created a background document for organizations working with consumers who are interested in learning more about the process and the strategies the marketplace will use to alert these consumers of their options for 2017.

For more information about this year’s open enrollment period, make sure to tune into a call with Enroll America, HHS, Young Invincibles, Out2Enroll and the ACA Millennial Health Coalition on October 26 at 2:00 p.m. EDT. Click here to register.

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