New Issue Brief: Lessons Learned From Thousands of Assistance Appointments

By Molly Warren

Today, we released our latest issue brief, Making the Connection 2.0: Insights Into In-Person Assistance From the Get Covered Connector, which builds on last year’s Making the Connection issue brief on assistance scheduling tools and in-person assistance.

This year’s report takes data from the nearly 1 million appointments offered and 97,000 appointments made during the third open enrollment period (OE3) through the Get Covered Connector — Enroll America’s in-person assistance scheduling tool — to provide insights for the enrollment community on consumers’ behaviors and needs regarding in-person assistance. We also look, for the first time, at the success of the Connector at engaging limited-English-proficient and rural populations, two groups that remain uninsured at a disproportionately high rate.

Here are a few tips for organizations running assistance programs based on the findings:

  1. Outreach is essential to engaging consumers about in-person assistance — one strategy to consider is a paid digital media campaign to drive consumers to make appointments.
  1. Be prepared to help all kinds of consumers, including both those who are marketplace eligible and Medicaid eligible.
  1. Certain days and times are more popular among consumers. Consider offering more appointments in the mornings, particularly Saturday mornings, as well as weekend afternoon appointments.
  1. Offer more appointments during key times, including before deadlines as well as generally between Thanksgiving and December 15 deadline.
  1. Remind consumers (via text or phone call) who make appointments for in-person help about the time and location of their appointment.
  1. Appointments in non-English-languages and rural areas have good success with high attendance rates and equal or better enrollment outcomes. Offering appointments in non-English languages and more rural areas may help reach these populations who have disproportionally low rates of insurance.

We hope you check out the issue brief for additional insights — and that you are able to apply some of these lessons in OE4. Also, for more on how to apply these tactics, join us at our annual State of Enrollment conference next week!

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