Engaging Limited-English Proficient and Rural Populations with In-Person Assistance

By Molly Warren

Earlier this month, Enroll America released a new issue brief, Making the Connection 2.0: Insights Into In-Person Assistance from the Get Covered Connector. We took a look at data from Enroll America’s in-person assistance scheduling tool, the Get Covered Connector, during the third open enrollment period (OE3). The brief has findings on consumers’ behaviors and needs regarding in-person assistance, as well as, for the first time, a look at the success of the Connector at engaging limited-English-proficient and rural populations, two groups that remain uninsured at disproportionately high rates.

So, what have we learned from Connector appointments with these two groups? Mainly, we see that while appointments in non-English languages and non-metro areas made up a small number of appointments offered and completed overall, they have comparatively good key appointment metrics. Notably, appointments in non-English languages and non-metro areas had higher attendance rates (see figure below) as well as enrollment rates that match or exceed other appointments. Together, these findings suggest that in-person assistance appointments are a successful way to engage both of these populations in applying for health coverage, and may be a good tactic for groups trying to reach these populations and connect them to coverage.

Attendance Rates of Scheduled Appointments, Nov. 1, 2015 – Jan. 31, 2016attendancerates

It’s worth noting that appointment uptake in non-metro areas (meaning the number of appointments that consumers schedule compared to the number of appointments offered) was lower than in metro areas. The uptake rate did vary within non-metro areas which could mean that there’s room for improvement — whether that’s in raising awareness of the availability of in-person help or adjusting current assistance locations or schedules to better match consumers’ needs.

Want to know more? Be sure to check out the full issue brief!

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