States That Extended Their Enrollment Deadlines for Some Residents

By William Tomasko

January 31 was the last day of the third open enrollment period — and the last day to sign up for marketplace coverage for 2016 — but a few states have extended their deadlines. Here’s a roundup:


New deadline: Saturday, February 6 for people who had started their applications or had made an appointment for local help by the January 31 deadline.

District of Columbia

New deadline: Tuesday, February 2 for all consumers due to the recent snow storm.


New deadline: Friday, February 5 for people who couldn’t enroll because of the snowstorm.

For these states, now is the time to build on the momentum we saw at the end of open enrollment! There’s still time to connect people in these states to coverage in the marketplaces. And there’s still time to make sure they know they can qualify for financial help to lower their costs, so they can find a plan that fits their needs and their budget.

We’ll update this post if any of these dates change, or if states announce new policies!

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