How to Convince Your Boss to Send You to the 2016 State of Enrollment Conference

By Jason Sparks

Maybe you’ve seen our emails, or visited our State of Enrollment Conference website. Perhaps you had colleagues attend last year’s event — or the inaugural event in 2014. You know that this is the best way to connect with your counterparts across the country, to hear from enrollment community leaders and national officials about best practices and how to improve the enrollment cycle.

But your boss isn’t convinced. How can you get him or her to “yes”? That’s where this blog post comes in! As the guy responsible for Enroll America’s budget, it can be hard to get me to yes. If I’m your boss, here’s what I’d want to know:

How will attending this conference translate directly to your work? The State of Enrollment Conference brings together hundreds (over 800, on average) of Navigators, assisters, brokers, agents, state, local and federal government officials, issuers and providers under one umbrella. This is a unique opportunity to be in the room and to hear from leaders across the country on how they’ve integrated best practices into their work. You’ll leave the conference equipped with information, resources, and access to this broad network of enrollment community members; you’ll learn tactics and skills that you can immediately put to work in your community and in your role.

Will you have the opportunity to build relationships with others in the enrollment community that you can leverage to help your organization work more effectively? Yes! We’re doubling down on creating networking opportunities for all attendees. You’ll have access to roundtable sessions with small groups; you’ll attend two networking evening events; and you’ll have the opportunity to break into groups by interest or role. Whether you’re an assister looking to learn from other assisters, or a local government official who wants to meet a counterpart running an effective outreach program, you’ll have multiple opportunities to make those connections and take them back to your work.

D.C. is expensive! Is there another conference you can attend to get access to this coalition? Enroll America works hard to make this event as affordable as possible. That’s why we haven’t increased the registration rate of $450 (through March 11 — $550 after that!) in two years. We negotiated a great room rate with the venue hotel, to help reduce the need for local travel while you’re in D.C. There’s simply no other conference like this for the enrollment community. As a highly trusted voice in this community, we have the relationships and resources to pull off an event of this scope, and you won’t have another opportunity quite like this in 2016.

Before you talk to your boss, be sure you’ve prepared for the conversation: You should know the answers to basic questions about the State of Enrollment Conference, and be ready to share information about how attending this conference will help you in your work — and will result in the outcome we all want: getting folks access to the health coverage they need!

Get more details on what you would get out of the State of Enrollment conference by visiting!

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