Why Getting Covered Matters for Entrepreneurs, Independent Contractors, and Small Business Owners

By William Tomasko

Taking a risk. Starting a new business. Becoming your own boss. Many Americans have always wanted to work more independently, and now people have more freedom to strike out on their own without worrying about going without health coverage.

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), people can get quality, affordable health insurance (and financial help to lower costs!) in the marketplaces — their coverage doesn’t need to be tied to an employer. It has helped “free up more people to pursue their dreams of running their own business” and setting their own hours, according to early findings from the Center on Health Insurance Reforms and the Urban Institute.

Now, people can have the stability and peace of mind of health coverage while keeping the flexibility that fits their career.

Take Lyft as an example. Drivers who use the platform set their own schedules and become their own bosses — and those that need it can now find affordable health coverage through the ACA. That’s why Enroll America is teaming up with Lyft to ensure that drivers know about our resources, like a custom-branded version of the Get Covered Connector that will help them enroll with free, in-person assistance.

“The Affordable Care Act is the right kind of mobile benefit for people seeking flexibility as well as affordable coverage,” said Logan Green, Lyft CEO. “We’re proud to help spread the news about the ACA to drivers, so those who need it can best plan for their future.”

As soon as open enrollment started for the first time in 2013, we saw stories of people seizing the opportunity to get covered and using it as a springboard to entrepreneurship. For Mark Sullivan, a 31-year-old software developer from Texas, it gave him “the freedom to pursue his dream of starting a business”:

“It’s hard to express how much that means to me,” he said. After working for two years in Austin’s tech sector, Mark has been eager to start his own business. However, the risk of high health care costs if he left his job made him hesitate — that’s why he was eagerly anticipating open enrollment.

Mark now feels confident focusing on the success of his new consulting business, saying health insurance is “one less thing I have to think about.”

Of course, people like Mark can only take advantage of the opportunity to get covered, stay covered, and work independently if they know it exists. That’s why we’re so excited to be working with companies like Lyft to the get the word out through email outreach before the January 31 deadline! By meeting people where they are with the facts they need, the enrollment community can empower people to get the security of health coverage along with the flexibility of striking out on their own.

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