Join Get Covered America and Young Invincibles for National Youth Enrollment Day: January 21

By Ebonee Rice


This open enrollment period has shown that young adults are still disproportionately uninsured, and an important group for specific outreach. In fact, nearly 1 in 5 young adults don’t have health insurance. Our goal is to officially quiet the voices that argue that young people are not interested in quality, affordable health care. Young people want clear, personalized information about how to enroll, which is why use of our digital tools like the Get Covered Plan Explorer and Connector has spiked over the last few weeks.

We want to build upon the momentum and drive engagement before the final deadline on January 31! We’re partnering once again with Young Invincibles for the third National Youth Enrollment Day (NYED) on January 21, 2016 — a huge day of action to educate young adults on the importance of having health insurance. We also want to inform millennials about new health care options through the health insurance marketplaces! Want to help us get more young adults covered? It’s easy! Our new toolkit explains how you can get involved.

And includes digital tools young people can use to check out their coverage options, including the Get Covered Plan Explorer, which gives personalized estimates of how much they’d pay in a year under every marketplace plan in their area.

Hundreds of organizations, community groups, and individuals will come together in a unified effort to ensure young adults know about their new health care options, and enroll in health coverage. Last year’s NYED featured nearly 200 events with over 80 partners across the country.

NYED is too great an undertaking to successfully achieve alone — we need your help to maximize the number of young adults that gain coverage! Click here to visit and find out how you can get involved.

And here are sample pictures and messages you can share on social media to get the word out leading up to and on Thursday, January 21, including this profile picture:


Be sure to post pictures on Facebook and Twitter of your events and keep tweeting to drive awareness of our day of action! Be sure to use the hashtag #NYED2016.



  • Did you know that it’s Millennial Week of Action? Check out to find an enrollment event near you this Jan. 21st, and get those millennials enrolled! #NYED2016
  • Did you know the young adult uninsured rate is 17%? That’s almost twice as much as the national average. Help young people find a health plan this National Youth Enrollment Day #NYED2016
  • Between 2013 and 2014 nearly HALF of the newly insured were millennials. Are you feeling left out while all of your friends have health insurance? Then don’t miss this year’s National Youth Enrollment Day! #NYED2016


  • Find #NYED2016 events near you at! Join #millennials across the country to #GetCovered before the deadline.
  • It’s Millennial Week! Go to to find NYED events on 1/21 and #GetCovered! #NYED2016
  • Friends don’t let friends miss out on open enrollment – #GetCovered at National Youth Enrollment Day #NYED2016 #Adulting





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