How One Tool Makes a Big Difference for Enrollment

By William Tomasko

Picking a health insurance plan isn’t always easy. After all, there’s a lot to consider — premiums, out-of-pocket costs, which plans cover which doctors, and more.

During the first two open enrollment periods under the Affordable Care Act, we consistently heard from consumers and partners that people were getting stuck on the plan-selection step. And last year, a survey found that almost half of the uninsured said they lacked the confidence to pick a health plan for themselves.

That’s why, for the third open enrollment period, we tried something new. We launched the Get Covered Plan Explorer: a free, embeddable digital tool that would give people quick, personalized cost estimates for how much they’d spend on health care in a year under each marketplace plan in their area. And people can sort plans by which doctors they cover.

Here’s what we’ve been hearing about the tool since then: It’s paying off. In the experience of Robin Schmidt, a Get Covered America campaign organizer in Pennsylvania, “it speeds up the process 10-fold.” She shared that the tool significantly speeds up enrollment for assisters and consumers — and she has even used the tool to help members of her own family compare plans.

People are “fascinated by the ease of the tool,” and seeing which plans cover your favorite doctor “really hits it out of the ballpark.” As she put it, “More people should have access to it.”

Want to make it easier for people to find the health plan that’s the best fit for their financial situation and medical needs? Give the Get Covered Plan Explorer a try.

In these last weeks leading up to the January 31 deadline, let’s build on the enrollment momentum we’ve already seen and make sure the last step of signing up — picking a plan — can go as smoothly as possible for as many people as possible.


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