Watch: Three New Videos That Help Explain Health Insurance

By Sophie Stern

Enroll America’s Health Insurance Literacy (HIL) Resource Hub offers many helpful tools for stakeholders working with consumers on enrollment and using coverage. Most all of these materials have been produced by various organizations across the country working to ensure consumers get covered and stay covered.

HIL resources exist in a variety of shapes and sizes, including presentations, fact sheets, brochures, digital tools — and videos.

And in recent months three new videos have been added to the HIL Resource Hub to teach those shopping for coverage about health insurance and how it works, as well as some of the added benefits of Affordable Care Act coverage, such as preventive care.

Springboard for the Arts created “Meet Jack: An Intro to Health Insurance Terminology” to teach individuals about common health insurance terms (such as provider networks, co-pays, and deductibles).

Kaiser Family Foundation released “Understanding Health Insurance” – three new videos in their YouToons series produced to help consumers break down certain health insurance concepts — premiums, out-of-pocket costs, and provider networks.

Cover Missouri produced “Helping Consumers Understand the Importance of Preventive Care.” This video explains what preventive care is and which types of preventive services are covered by marketplace coverage – with a flare of humor! Raising awareness about preventive care may motivate individuals to take action to enroll — according to recent PerryUndem research, preventive care is among the top three reasons individuals signed up for health insurance.

Various health clinics and assister organizations have told Enroll America staff that they play videos for clients while they are waiting to see their provider or an in-person assister to enroll in coverage, so we’re excited to see new materials being produced to address some basic (but very important) health insurance terms and concepts that can be used directly with consumers to help increase HIL. Knowledge is power, and more HIL can make it possible for more people to get covered and stay covered.

With open enrollment in full swing, Enroll America will continue to update the HIL Resource Hub, and we encourage readers to continue to share new or existing materials with us for posting.

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