State-By-State Deadlines for Health Coverage That Starts January 1

By William Tomasko

For states using as their enrollment platform, the deadline to enroll in marketplace health coverage for it to start on January 1 was extended from December 15 to December 17:

A few state-based marketplaces set their own, different dates. Here’s a state-by-state guide (we’ll update this post as new information comes in):

State Deadline states (here’s a list of those federally facilitated marketplace states) Dec. 17
California Dec. 17
Colorado Dec. 26 (and Dec. 31 for consumers affected by an issuer closing or leaving their area)
District of Columbia Dec. 17
Maryland Dec. 18
Massachusetts Dec. 23
Minnesota Dec. 28
New York Dec. 19
Rhode Island Dec. 29
Washington State Dec. 23

We all know that deadlines make a difference. They’re great motivators, and they lead to spikes in sign-ups. We saw that when we looked at the data on in-person assistance appointments for this year. And the feds saw that when traffic to surged right before December 15:

Remember: These deadlines don’t only matter for uninsured consumers. For people enrolled in 2015 marketplace coverage, these deadlines are the last days to pick new plans that are effective January 1. New plans and new prices are available on the marketplace every year, and it pays to shop around.

And anyone looking for health coverage can get started on, where they’ll find estimates for financial help and yearly costs and where they can search for places to get free in-person help.

Last updated: 2:40 p.m., December 23, 2015.

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