New and Improved Tools for Open Enrollment: The Get Covered Calculator, Connector, and Plan Explorer

By William Tomasko

Now that the third open enrollment period has begun, millions more Americans could sign up for quality, affordable health coverage.

But before they will get covered, people to need to know a few key things: how much it would cost them, where they can find help to apply, and how they can pick the plan that best fits their needs. That’s why Enroll America has developed three free embeddable digital tools to meet those clear and present consumer needs.

Here’s how:

Get Covered Plan Explorer

Plan ExplorerOur newest tool, the Get Covered Plan Explorer gives people personalized estimates of their total health care costs for the year — as well as whether their favorite doctors are covered — under each marketplace plan available in their area, so they can get the best possible deal for their health care needs.

Why the Plan Explorer Matters

An Enroll America survey found that almost half of the uninsured say they aren’t confident they could pick a plan by themselves. And compared to current enrollees, people who’ve dropped their marketplace coverage were also nearly twice as likely to have been dissatisfied with the plan they chose. The Plan Explorer makes plan-selection more straightforward, which makes it easier for people to find a plan they like and keep.

Get Covered Calculator

Embed the Get Covered Calculator on your website.

People looking for health coverage can enter basic info into the Get Covered Calculator (available in English and Spanish) to see how much they could pay for coverage with financial help. Consumers that use the tool are directed to the best place to start their online application for coverage based on their situation. The Calculator has been updated for 2016.

Why the Calculator Matters

Giving people specific facts on financial help is the most powerful way to motivate them to get covered, and on, Calculator users were the most likely to go on to apply for coverage. A recent study found that 6 in 10 people who are still uninsured and say they can’t afford insurance don’t know they could qualify for financial help, or don’t know how those tax credits would work. That’s where the Calculator comes in — explaining how they could get help.

Get Covered Connector

Embed the Get Covered Connector on your website.

Users can put their ZIP code into the Get Covered Connector (also available in English and Spanish) to search for, and even schedule, free appointments in their community with enrollment assisters. The tool now has updated locations listed and appointments available for this year’s open enrollment period. Walk through how the tool works (and catch up on this year’s new features) by checking this webinar recording from last week.

Why the Connector Matters

More than 7 in 10 of the remaining uninsured want in-person help to get covered, and we’ve found that people who sat down with assisters were nearly 60 percent more likely to successfully enroll.

By sharing and embedding one, two, or all three of these tools, you can empower consumers to get covered and stay covered. Click here to embed the Plan Explorer, here to embed the Calculator, and here to embed the Connector.

All kinds of organizations have a stake in increasing health coverage enrollment and retention, and using these tools. From a church that serves uninsured community members, to a retail store with customers who’d be better off with health coverage, to a community college wanting to make it easier for students to focus on studying instead of worrying about health costs — you don’t have to work directly on insurance to play a role in expanding coverage, or to benefit from your community having a lower uninsured rate. And these tools can help you meet that goal.

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