Three Ways We’ve Been Getting Ready for the Third Open Enrollment Period

By William Tomasko

In 17 days, the health insurance marketplaces will open back up for business. The outreach and enrollment community will have another opportunity to connect uninsured Americans to quality, affordable health coverage — and to make sure people who get covered are able to stay covered.

Here are three ways we’re working with partners to make the third open enrollment period as successful as possible:

1) Teaming up with community providers to expand staff into new states.

We’re expanding our footprint to three additional states Alabama, Illinois, and South Carolina, working with local providers and hospital systems. Health care providers are natural partners for health coverage outreach and enrollment. By focusing outreach on places where providers frequently encounter uninsured patients, we can identify people who can sign up for marketplace coverage, and follow up with phone calls and emails to make them likelier to enroll.

2) Launching new and improved digital tools to connect consumers to coverage more seamlessly.

A new tool we’re building, the Get Covered Plan Explorer, will give users personalized estimates of their annual health care costs with each marketplace plan available in their area, and make it possible to see whether their prescriptions and preferred doctors will be covered. That way, it’s easier for them to pick the plan that will give them the best possible deal for their specific needs.

In addition, the Get Covered Connector — a tool that consumers can use to find and schedule free appointments for enrollment assistance — will have 1 million appointments available. Data from the second open enrollment period showed that consumers who received in-person enrollment help were nearly 60 percent more likely to successfully enroll.

3) Identifying uninsured consumers to follow up with enrollment information, and training partners to replicate a tried-and-true outreach model.

Our grassroots teams and partners across the country will continue to meet consumers where they are — from churches and community health centers to farms and food banks — and give them the facts and follow-up that make them likelier to enroll. And through our new Get Covered Academy training program, more than 100 partner organizations in 16 states will receive in-depth training and ongoing coaching on strategies that have been proven to be successful.

Learn more about how we’re doubling down on tried-and-true tactics, tools, and trainings in today’s press release counting down to open enrollment.

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