New York Times: Tools Like the Get Covered Plan Explorer Will Make It Easier to Get Covered and Stay Covered

By William Tomasko

Picking the right health insurance plan can be hard. It’s not always easy to crunch the numbers and compare how much you’d end up paying in out-of-pocket costs for different plans. And it’s not always clear which drugs or providers are covered.

That’s why Enroll America is building a new digital tool, the Get Covered Plan Explorer, to help people estimate their total health care costs for the year — as well as whether their prescriptions drugs and favorite doctor are covered — under each plan available in their area, so they can make sure they’re getting the best possible deal for their health care needs. Today, an article in the New York Times explains how tools like the Plan Explorer can “transform the experience of shopping for insurance,” making it easier to get covered and stay covered:

Some private groups have even more sophisticated tools…Enroll America, a nonprofit group trying to expand coverage, has developed a digital tool to help consumers estimate their likely out-of-pocket costs for each plan available in their area. Consumers can also use it to find health plans that cover their drugs and preferred providers.

Enroll America devised the tool with Clear Health Analytics, based in Stamford, Conn. To help estimate costs, they ask if consumers have any of 11 common conditions. The conditions include asthma, back problems, diabetes, heart disease and breast, lung and prostate cancer. Women are asked if they are or plan to become pregnant.

Anne Filipic, the president of Enroll America, said such tools could transform the experience of shopping for insurance.

“In the past,” Ms. Filipic said, “people often got stuck trying to pick a plan that was right for them. They found the process overwhelming. If people can find a plan that better meets their needs, they are more likely to stick with it and stay insured.”

Learn more here about the Get Covered Plan Explorer, which will be launching for the upcoming open enrollment period and will be available for free to consumers and enrollment assisters in states using the enrollment platform.

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