It’s Navigator Day! Here’s a List of the 100 Organizations Receiving $67 Million in Federal Grants for Enrollment Assistance

By William Tomasko

It’s official: Today, we found out who the next round of federal Navigators will be, and we’re looking forward to working with them to help people get covered and stay covered.

The Department of Health and Human Services just announced $67 million in grant awards to 100 organizations that will serve as Navigators in states using Click here to download the full list of awardees.

Navigators will be working day in and day out to give people the kind of face-to-face application and enrollment help that makes them more likely to get covered. In fact, data from the most recent enrollment period showed that in states using, people who got in-person assistance were nearly 60 percent more likely to successfully enroll.

Another reason we’re enthusiastic about today’s announcement: Unlike the first two rounds of Navigator grant awards, the 2015 grants will last for three years. That’s great news because Navigators will be able to make longer-term plans, expect more programmatic stability, and maintain year-to-year relationships with consumers.

We’re excited to work alongside these Navigators — and the rest of the assistance community — to reach, inform, and enroll people who haven’t gotten covered yet, and also to make sure people who’ve enrolled are able to stay covered.

Here’s a sampling of the resources we offer partners:

  • Get Covered Plan Explorer: After the last open enrollment period, almost half the uninsured said they lacked the confidence to select a health plan. During the third open enrollment period, consumers in states using will be able to use the Plan Explorer as a comparison tool, giving them get personalized estimates on how much they could actually pay for health care services using different plans. By giving out-of-pocket cost estimates that go beyond just the monthly premium, the tool will empower consumers to pick the plan that best fits their needs and their budget.

 It’s a big day for the assistance community, and we’re eager to congratulate the awardees — and get to work, together.

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