New Interactive County-Level Maps of Marketplace Enrollment

By Anna Gilbert and Ed Coleman

In July,  the Department of Health and Humans Services (HHS) released new county-level enrollment data for the second open enrollment period (OE2) and the Special Enrollment Period through February 22, 2015. These data include 8.8 million plan selections across 2,500 counties in the 37 states that used as an enrollment platform.

The new data also include, for the first time, county-level information on a number of key factors: consumers’ age, race/ethnicity, income, financial help received, metal level of plan selected, and new or renewal customer status. This amount of data for individual counties is unprecedented, and provides a new window on enrollment trends in the 37 states as well as valuable insight into the enrollment landscape at the county level. Previously, much of this information was available only at the state level, and some information, like race/ethnicity, was only available at the national level.

We love data (!), but we know that you love maps, so Enroll America’s data team created an interactive map showing plan selections by county. Click on specific counties to view the full enrollment profile of that community.

Total Plan Selections per County (2015-07-21)


North Carolina Screenshot with cursor

Note: Due to privacy concerns, demographic information and other data points are only released by HHS if there were more than 10 plan selections with those specific criteria. These are labeled on the map as “Not Reported.”

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