Holding Onto Health Coverage in Between Jobs, Thanks to Michigan Works!

By William Tomasko

Leaving a job doesn’t have to mean going without health insurance. Under the Affordable Care Act, people who lose job-based coverage and are looking for work may be able sign up for coverage through the health insurance marketplaces in a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) anytime during the year.

But first, they need to know that SEPs are an option. In Oakland County, Michigan, that’s where Michigan Works! (MW!) comes in.

MW! helps job-seekers develop skills and connect with potential employers. And now they’re partnering with Enroll America to make sure uninsured job-seekers know that they could get covered — and to help them find in-person enrollment help.

“Michigan Works! is dedicated to helping Oakland County residents find work and to easing the transitions between jobs,” said John Almstadt, Director of Oakland County MW! “That’s why we’re helping our clients learn about their coverage options and protect themselves and their families with affordable coverage. Knowing that they’re still protected by health coverage brings peace of mind and security during one of the most stressful times in a person’s life.”

During the second enrollment period, MW! hosted over 40 enrollment events connecting uninsured consumers to in-person enrollment. They also made Enroll America tools such as the Get Covered Connector, which allows people to find and schedule appointments with assisters in their area, available in their offices.

Across the state, MW! serves nearly 4 million people every year. That’s a lot of opportunities to connect people to health coverage — and peace of mind.

Throughout this summer, we’ll be highlighting “#GetCovered Champions” such as Michigan Works! who are using innovative outreach techniques to reach and inform the uninsured in their community. Check out last month’s post on the NC Farmworkers Project.

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