New Commonwealth Fund Survey Confirms Enrollment Progress: Almost 90 Percent of Americans Satisfied With their New Coverage

By Joseph Ventre

The end of the second open enrollment period (OE2) marked another major decline in the percentage of uninsured American adults. And just as important, the latest Commonwealth Fund Affordable Care Act (ACA) Tracking Survey shows that those newly enrolled through the marketplaces or Medicaid are satisfied with their insurance and ability to find doctors.

The new Commonwealth Fund survey shows a dramatic reduction in the uninsured rate. Between July 2013 and May 2015, the uninsured rate for adults ages 19 to 64 dropped from 20 to 13 percent.

And, over half of newly enrolled consumers were previously uninsured:

  • Fifty-three percent of adults signing up for marketplace plans and 66 percent of adults enrolled in Medicaid were uninsured prior to coverage expansions taking effect.

There’s even more good news! The Commonwealth Fund survey demonstrates that those newly insured are satisfied with their coverage and ability to access services and treatment:

  • Eighty-six percent of adults were satisfied with their marketplace or Medicaid coverage and more than 90 percent were satisfied with doctors covered in their plan.


  • Seventy-seven percent of adults who enrolled in Medicaid or marketplace coverage found it somewhat to very easy to find a new primary care doctor.


These survey results represent the progress enrollment stakeholders have made to help previously uninsured populations sign up for coverage that works for them. Moving forward however, challenges remain to better serve the needs of the uninsured. Many consumers still lack awareness about financial help available to purchase coverage. And those considering their plan options often lack the confidence and knowledge to navigate the plan selection process.

Our Get Covered America campaign continues to work hand in hand with our partners in communities throughout the country to raise awareness about coverage options and where consumers can find free local help with the application and enrollment process. And in developing the Get Covered Plan Explorer for OE3, we are excited to better position even more consumers to be satisfied with coverage that meets their medical needs and budget.

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